Seven essential things you should know before relocating to Doha

Are you planning to move Doha? Are you confused about what to do in Doha or how you will adjust there? If you are preparing for relocation to Doha, house Removals to Doha will be arranged by the international house removals company.

Doha is a beautiful place, and every day lots of people migrate here either for work purpose or for other reasons. There is nothing that can beat Doha regarding food as it is well- known for its delicious food. Doha is the capital of Qatar, and you seriously need to remember important things that are there in Doha so that you can get accustomed to the culture of the city.

Here are the eight things that you should know before going to Doha.

  1. Family visas

The first thing to understand is that not all people are allowed in Doha with their families. Only those people who earn more than £1,775 (10,000 QR) per month are only allowed to bring their families with them.

There are recent changes in the law that women who are employed in private companies cannot bring their husbands to Doha. In case a privately employed woman wants to bring her family, then she has to appeal to the company.

It is essential to be married for a couple to live in Doha with their kids. A company sponsoring married couples and their kids are brought in Doha through a special entry visa after which their residence permit is processed within a week.

  1. Accommodation

Want to know about housing in Doha? In Doha, accommodation is costly. There are big villas that are enough for a cricket team and lavish interiors. However, you should be ready to pay for that. An average 4-bedroom villa cost you minimum 13,000 QR per month and. If your employer offers you a housing allowance that helps to pay the rent, then you will be lucky.

Living cost in Doha is adjustable if you can live with the earned money and also save it. Everyday goods in Doha are expensive except the cheap petrol. The basic foodstuffs are too costly.

  1. Health

Are you worried about healthcare emergencies? Then you should not worry as Doha has a state healthcare organization that is well-resourced, Hamad Medical Corporation. This organization provides free emergency healthcare treatment to all including migrated people who register.

But it has long lines of people; hence you will have no choice but to go for private healthcare systems that can be costly, especially for complex operations and maternity care. The government in Doha is planning to bring a global health insurance system, which will be provided by every company to its employees.

  1. Education

The country is full of good schools, however; the best ones have long lists of waiting people. The company recruits professionals from all over the world. The schools in Doha accept applications only for a short period starting in January. The formal assessments are done in schools of Doha.

The schools in Doha offers free school places throughout the year, and hence you can choose whether to send your child in homeschool or not. There are companies in Doha that include fees for school in the allowances that you get in your packages if you are moving to Doha. You should clarify this before accepting a job in Doha.

The companies in Doha often charge additional fees for registration which is not refundable if your child fails in securing a place in the particular school.

  1. Exit permits

Doha has a system called Kafala which means that a person who comes in Doha must be linked with an employer. The company decides whether you are allowed to leave Doha or not, even for any emergency visits to your home.

These exits are handled by the employer, and some high ranking employees are allowed to apply for yearly multi-exit permissions. Hence, this is dependent on the company where you work. So it will be wise to accept a company offer after going through all the allowances and permits they provide you.

  1. Driving

Travelling is a little problem as taxis are very busy, buses are limited, and the metro is still emerging. Any driver who has a valid driving license is allowed to drive in the city but only for a week. After that, you will require an (IDL) International Driver’s License that will help you to be legal just for six months.

However, after getting a permit for residence, your IDL will be null, and you will require having Qatari license for driving. For some countries, driving license is only allowed after the driving test. For example, British driving license holder gets Qatari license directly, but other countries like the US do have to take a driving test to get the Qatari license.

  1. Women’s rights

Do you know, what is the essential thing that women in Doha wear? It is Abaya or burqa that women in Doha wear. However, it is not mandatory for people who are relocating there. But it is compulsory to wear a modest dress so that your shoulders, midriff, knees, and cleavage is not shown as per Qatari Tourism Authority recent campaign.

Women who are under the responsibility of their husband are allowed to enter and exit the country whenever they want. The women are also allowed to work in Doha under the support of their husband, only if they register themselves a working woman of the company with the authority of Doha.

If you are relocating to Doha, then you will require house Removals to Doha. However, before going there, you will need to understand their rules and regulations. Relocating there is not that someone does every day.

Hence, proper information of the relocating place is essential to know as it will help you to get acquainted with that place. It is critical for you to consider these things before relocating to Doha so that you can adjust and live there peacefully.

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