The Significance of Adhering to W3C Standards for a Website Design Company

If you are an entrepreneur with the ambition of enhancing your business exposure with a dominant presence on the internet then you cannot give a fig to the role of well-designed responsive websites. It is not surprising that eventually at some point in time you will have to work in collaboration with a professional web designing company. By contracting an expert web design company Orange County, you can be proud of a corporate website that will operate flawlessly in a wide variety of platform and devices.

Web designing industry is experiencing a worldwide boom there are plenty of capable organizations that can suffice your requirements at a competitive price.  If you wish to work with a capable organization then there are certain things that you need to make sure. Among these, the most significant is the need to stringently follow the World Wide Web Consortium standards.

For those who are first hearing this term, W3C is the global body that controls and formulates standards for the World Wide Web.  This apart, the organization is actively involved in several educational programs, the establishment of forums and developmental works.  For ensuring efficiency, they have in their workforce some of the best engineers and technicians who are involved in research and development for revising and upgrading standards to meet the evolving needs of entrepreneurs.  The present scale of operations is quite impressive and this governing body is having offices in sixteen different regions of the world with more than 450 member organizations.  The ambition of this institution is to promote the usage of the web in the most desirable and progressive way possible.    This paved the way for the emergence of international standards that dictates the protocols that govern the exchange of information through websites. Hence, it is quite a mandate that website companies follow these standards.

You can think of these standards as protocols that have been framed by the W3C when it comes to the use of client-side scripting languages like XHTML, CSS, XML, and DOM.  A brief illustration is given below.

HTML: These days, CSS is considered a better option that one can use to override the default settings of a browser that often proved to be a drawback in the use of conventional markup language.

XML: In comparison to the conventional HTML, it offers designers more flexibility.

XHTML:  This language is trying to innovate HTML as an XML application. If you are looking forward to hiring a website designing company, then ensure that they make adequate use of this technology.

CSS: With this technology, you get the provision of redefining the appearance of HTML and XML elements.  W3C has high regards for this one as it offers simplicity when widgets are to be structurally formatted.

DOM:  The utility of DOM can best understand when the issue of extensibility or adapting to future technologies come into the forefront.

Adhering to the prescribed guidelines will complement the development of a website that will be compatible in numerous platforms, load, and function seamlessly in several browsers with elegant visuals and improved runtime performance.


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