Sleeping in Style: Which Bedroom Set Designs Are Right for You?

When you decorate your bedroom, you can choose from several different types of interior design elements. Each style of the bedroom set and décor has its own charms. The most important question is: What style is right for you and your home?

Choose the Best Style for Your Personality

You are you. If you put furniture in your bedroom that doesn’t suit your personality, you probably won’t be happy in the long run. Consider how each aspect of your personality affects your preferences. Choosing the right furniture means making selections that bring out what you love most about yourself.

Formal vs. Casual

Some people like things to be formal and conservative. For them, traditional furniture is the obvious choice. They enjoy the deep, rich look of wood headboards and dressers of traditional styling. A traditional sleigh bed or poster bed is ideal.

Maybe you’re more of a free spirit. You want to feel as relaxed and carefree in your room as you do everywhere else. For that laid-back feel, you might prefer a panel bed, perhaps one without a footboard.

Subtle vs. Bold

How forceful is your personality? Do you use subtlety and finesse to get what you want in life? Or, do you strike out boldly, making your way in the world with supreme confidence?

Someone who has a more tactful approach to life may feel most comfortable with an understated cottage bedroom set featuring a simple, medium-colored wood bed and chest. If you’re more of a take-charge kind of person, you might like a more distinctive style, like a modern platform bed with shiny metal trim.

Classic vs. Modern

Do you prefer a life that’s grounded in history, tradition, and classical values? If so, consider choosing classic bedroom furniture like a beautiful canopy bed and an ornate armoire.

If you’re more the type that prefers living in the here-and-now of contemporary society, choose a style that reflects that part of who you are. A white lacquered platform bed with no footboard creates the perfect, simple, and clean lines that are so popular in current times.

What Is the Best Style for Your Home?

The type of home you have may play a part in your decision of what bedroom furniture sets to buy as well. Matching the furniture style to the home construction style isn’t essential. Yet, it can add to the cohesiveness of your home décor style.

Traditional vs. Contemporary

A traditional home often looks best when outfitted with furniture from the same time era. From heavy Norwegian wood beds to traditional poster beds, the classic look complements an older home. Modern designs of furniture bedroom sets hark back from the first half of the 20th century and look great in homes from that time.

The contemporary design uses new styles from current-day designers. It really isn’t one single design style, but a combination of styles. Here are some contemporary bedroom furniture ideas.

  • Choose furniture with smooth surfaces and sleek textures.
  • Select black and white furniture rather than different shades of brown wood.
  • Opt for a platform bed.
  • Choose a contemporary low-profile bed.

Another option is transitional style bedroom décor. The transitional style uses a blend of traditional, modern, and contemporary styles in one single room. It takes a discerning eye to harmonize all the elements of a transitional style, but when you succeed, you can create a room with the best from many different times.

Elegant vs. Rustic

Elegant bedroom sets work well in homes with polished hardwood floors or fine frieze carpeting. Elegant furniture for the bedroom might include a tall canopy bed with ornate posts or an upholstered bed tufted with sparkling jewels.

However, if your bedroom floors are in a rougher, weathered wood style, your room would usually look best with rustic, country, or cottage furniture. These styles give a cozier, homier feel to your room and work well with a simpler style of home construction. Within these three styles, you have a wide range of options.

  • Low post beds
  • Captain’s beds
  • Sleigh beds
  • Panel beds
  • Arch beds
  • Poster beds
  • Upholstered beds

The style you choose for your most personal space will affect your mood, your attitude, and even the way you see yourself. With each piece of furniture that you add to your room, you make a statement about who you are and what you like most in the world. With each interior element you add to your bedroom décor, you have a chance to harmonize your furniture with the style of your home.

Give yourself permission to choose the bed, chest, dresser, and nightstand that suits you and anyone else you might share the room within your home. You don’t have to bend to what you think a friend, relative, or even an interior designer might prefer. Your bedroom is yours to decorate and enjoy. Free yourself to make it exactly what you want!

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