Social Media Monitoring VS Social Media Listening

Social media monitoring is completely a different aspect than social media listening. Although it may be confusing at times, yet it is important to know the difference that lies inside them.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring refers to listening to what people are saying about a particular brand, person or may be a product online anywhere. Administration in media monitoring also refers to the ability of tracking several other conversations about a certain topic or keyword of our interest.

The internet web acts like the ocean having a vast unlimited space which holds uncountable social channels, forums, groups, blogs and platforms where the buyers normally hang out and discuss about a brand or several other things. So, in order to understand this big picture, it is important to go beyond the social media mentions and the notifications.

Media monitoring gives us a strong inside view of the market by allowing us to see what is being said, who all are involved in the talking and where they are saying.

Social media listening

On the other hand, we have the social media listening involves the real discussions that are explored. It helps to turn the opportunities which will engage and attract the audience. It also builds awareness regarding the brand which in turn improves the reputation of the brand. So, administration social listening is all about reaching the audience who needs the reaction, information and the content of the brand.

So, we see that the strategy involved in social media is not just about broadcasting the updates on these social media platforms. It is important to sharpen the marketing abilities and keep our eyes and ears open for gaining enough market knowledge.

The social media users sometimes forget mentioning a brand on a social media platform. They don’t do it intentionally to exclude you but they forget to add a mention as their intention may be to talk about you but not talk with you every time.

The difference

Social media monitoring and social media listening is almost practically synonyms. The concept of the two differs slightly. Media monitoring mostly involves the searching and collection of data while on the other hand, media listening is refers to the analyzing of the data, planning and defining a strategy and then taking the necessary action. So, it is seen that social media listening is a much broader concept which takes the media monitoring to another level.

It is also important to know why social listening is vital for the business. Social media monitoring and media listening has a lot of uncountable benefits. Honest feedback gives you honest feedback of what the customers think, whether they like the product, if the customers read and enjoy their articles, how useful the products are, the recruitment process is like etc. Online feedbacks are honest and the public reaction helps to take actions accordingly. Media listening will quickly help identify influencers and attract more attention. It will also help in gaining good market knowledge that is not possible to gain in any other way.

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