5 Great Novels to Help Improve Your English

5 Great Novels to Help Improve Your English

Continuously striving to get a strong grip on the English language can be a challenging task, especially when you are not a native speaker. The task is made less challenging when we incorporate a steady nurturance strategy which keeps our spirit and motivation both high such as reading. It is an undeniably effective way to enhance our English language skills. Through it, we nurture on the nuances of the language, various structuring of the sentence, different styles, and more which assist us in embracing the new challenges and the complexity involved. It further makes our vocabulary rich and fuller. The selection of the books plays a great role though. To assist you and make this challenge little less complicated, we have revealed a list below which can help you in your endeavor of improving your English language skills.

  1. The Giver by Lois Lowry

The story is basically a boy named Jonas which lives in a community which is devoid of providing the individuals with simple choices, freedom, and individuality. The Giver is the book with a story keeps the reader engaged from the very beginning. The writer has explicitly used simple and easy words which make the flow of the story smooth. The storyline is itself very interesting which keeps the attention of the reader sustained. The sentence structure is also simple and short, with the use of simple grammar, making it easy to follow the story-writing pattern. It is a perfect book to start the language improvement expedition.

  1. One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

The author Janet Evanovich has produced a humorous cornerstone in the form of this book.  The story is about the girl named Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter. The story is fast-paced but uses a simple word which makes the flow of information easy. The book delivers the story is complete native speakers which are very beneficial for one who is aiming to improve his language. The nature of the story is conversational, along with the funny and lighthearted storyline the reading becomes more exciting.

  1. Fantastic Fox by Roald Dahl

What better way to start your English language learning expedition than a children book. This book is for those who lack the fundamental nurturance of the language. It is a story of Fantastic Mr. Fox is on the run from the three meanest farmers. It will help fulfill the remaining gaps in the language with easy sentences, thrilling plots, as well as the deliverance of dialogues. The writer has maintained wittiness throughout the book which makes it interesting. The simple structure and words nourish us with the writing techniques. It has also illustrated how to exhibit the idea in a comparatively simple but strong way.

  1. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

This is a relatively American short novel. The novel exhibits a story of an elderly Cuban fisherman who aims to catch a huge fish named Marlin. The story of the book is delivered in the simple, easy, and straightforward way. The sentences are structured simply with no redundancy of words. The words are also simple which makes the flow of the story smooth and understandable. The writer of Cheap Essay Writing Service recommends that the book is a great read and perfect for the neophytes who want to improve their English language skills

  1. The Secret Wish List by Preeti Shenoy

The book shares us with a story of a married woman who tries to relive her life, faced with various challenges. The author has used simple language in the book which makes the story easily understandable and quick to follow. The words are simple, structured properly, and to the point which makes the flow of the story smooth. It is a great book to read to understand the written tactics and how these can be improved.


All the 5 books enlisted above are fantastic and extremely beneficial in terms of enhancing the English language skills. Train on the sentence structure, the use of words, enrich your vocabulary and make those skills polished. You will make mistakes initially, which is extremely good as it’s a sign you are learning. be constant in your efforts and within no time you will be able to proficiently produce an amazing piece of paper that too in English.