Four Exotic Waterfalls Of Mussoorie

Mussoorie, which is commonly called the Queen of Hills, is a charming hill station at a distance of around 35 kilometres from Dehradun.  The place is located at a height of two thousand three mtsin Garhwal hills, above sea-level. Mussoorie is one of the stunning hill stations in India and the most frequently visited destination.

If you have plans to go to this hill station then don’t forget to experience the four exotic waterfalls of Mussoorie. Now, just look for the best luxury hotels in Mussoorie and you are going to enjoy a great and comfy time in this hill station. Have a look at these exotic waterfalls!

  1. Jharipani Falls

Around 6 kilometres downhill of Mussoorie is the beautiful Jharipani Falls. You can go to this destination right inside a thirty minute walk. Jharipani Falls is an extremely fine spot for nature enthusiasts. The falls caters an amazing and exotic view of Shivalik range. The settings of the falls are decorated with different types of creepers, plants, wild blossoms and bushes that grow on the uneven heebie-jeebies on its sides. The popularity of this spot can be examined through the rush gathered here throughout the year.

  1. Bhatta Falls

Bhatta Falls is situated around 10 kilometres from Mussoorie. It is situated on Mussoorie – Dehradun Road near to Bhatta Village. The fall is one of the prime tourist attractions and also amidst the finest and most exotic waterfalls in Mussoorie. Bhatta Falls is a natural waterfall that rolls down from a height of thirty feet into a naturally enclosed pool.  This waterfall is comparatively unharmed by commercialization and a good place to spend some handpicked time. The tourists can see diverse picturesque landscapes here that are perfect for photographers to capture in their camera. You can even catch nature here at its finest.  The pond below the falls offers some chances for swimming.  There is also a children’s park, swings and slopes are also available for purpose of play time.

  1. Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is just fifteen kilometres from Mussoorie. It tumbles from an altitude of nearly forty feet from a mountain. These falls are one of the hugest among five down surging falls that brooks down via diverse rocks and ends up into the fields.  The waterfalls is mostly visited for enjoying stimulating and invigorating bath under enthralling falls and for relishing the alluring scenes of  environment. This exotic place is a boon for honeymooners!

  1. Mossy Fall

If you speak of Mossy falls, they are located in a dense forest and are one of the prevalent tourist spot in Mussoorie. The place is only seven kilometres from hill station. The superb picturesque views and the tranquil surroundings are surely going to make you fall in love with this approachable spot.  You must dive in the tuneful, exotic and musical ambience of this place.

Thus, start looking for rooms in hotel in Mussoorie for your trip to this hill station. These were just four of the exotic waterfalls of Mussoorie. When you visit there, don’t forget to experience the pampering of remaining tourist attractions too.