Essential Tips to Create a Gallery Wall

You have an idea about wall decals or wall stickers. You know that those are really beautiful works of art. But, can you do more experiment with those? That means, applying wall stickers can make your room look better, but there are ways to make it look best. For example, if you choose framed wall pictures for living room, that will be a great idea. Once you apply a wall sticker perfectly on the wall, it will look like a painting. To give it a more realistic look, you can frame the sticker to give it the shape of wall art. And with this simple idea, you can create a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is perfect for your living room where you can exhibit certain designs, patterns, and quotes to increase the aesthetic value of the room. You can also frame your wall stickers in your office to make your office room look more appealing. Now, here you will get some ideas on how to create a perfect gallery wall in your house-

  1. Concentrate on the Art-work

This is the first and the most important thing while following the steps of creating a gallery wall. Pick the stylish artworks for your wall. It can be based on certain themes, like tribal, floral, abstract or anything. You can also use some quotes that show your personality and thinking. For a brighter wall, you can go for a color palette on your wall.

  1. Use Same Colored Frames

While the pictures are different, using same-colored frames can give your wall and eclectic look and there will also be cohesion in the design no matter how different stickers you choose. If the wall of your living room is painted white, you can use black framed pictures for the living room. The colors of the stickers or pictures or any other objects on the black and white background will make your room look sophisticated and elegant.

  1. Create a Level

You need to think out-of-the-box. An entire wall with framed stickers or pictures may seem a bit monotonous. How about creating a level by placing certain things on the mantle or credenza? That will really create a dramatic look of your room without making the wall look congested. While creating a level, you should play with the objects. When it is on the wall, make sure that enough color or different pattern is used to maintain the balance. Also, put objects of different heights on the mantle to maintain the balance.

  1. Grow from the Base

First, hang a bottom piece. Make sure where you are making your gallery wall. If you are using the wall behind your sofa, keep 6 inches gap from the upper edge of the sofa. If you start from the lower row, it will give you an idea of how to use the space well.

Hopefully, you get enough idea about creating a gallery wall. The interior decoration depends on your idea on it. Go for personalized styling and have a beautiful house.