Here is what you need to know about regrooving

Regrooving of tyres is certainly not a new term in the tyre industry. It has been practically implemented and is known to many for a long time now. Regrooving is actually a process in which the worn-out tread is repaired by recreating groves in the tyre tread. 

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea of what regrooving is, here is a detailed explanation. Regrooving is the procedure wherein the worn-out groove pattern is recreated on a tyre’s tread by slicing into the track as per previous design by using an electric tyre regroover. 

The procedure of regrooving is commonly prescribed for commercial tyres, however, many individuals and tyre sellers don’t suggest regrooving a consumer tyre.

It is very important to know that not every tyre is regroovable. Tyres that are manufactured with extra tread rubber are regroovable. Regrooving is managed without harming the dependability of the tyre due to an additional thickness of rubber that has been incorporated on the surface of the tyre at the hour of manufacturing. 

 You can identify a regroovable tyre by looking for the engraved word ‘Regroovable’ on the sidewall of the tyre. Additionally, regrooving is fundamentally ideal for the vehicles that are driven on plan roads and not off-road.

Many vehicles owner regroove their tyres without realizing that their tyres are not intended to be regrooved while also being unaware of its consequences.

Regrooving is not compulsory rather it is a choice. If you decide to regroove your tyre, you are expanding the life of your tyre while making it significantly increasingly affordable. Whenever done in an appropriate way, regrooving can be helpful in two fundamentals ways. Right off the bat, you can have the same tyres for a longer period of time and also by decreasing thickness you will decrease rolling resistance of tyre hence providing improved mileage. However you should never do the process of regrooving by yourself, rather, if you want to regroove your tyre you can visit Pirelli UAE tyre workshop to get your tyre regrooved securely.

The regroovable tyres are uniquely manufactured as discussed above. The tread of the regroovable tyre is intended to be cut again and again until the tread is not thick enough, subsequent to regrooving a few times, retreading is required. The only exception is that the integrity of the tyre’s sidewall should be in sound condition.

In the US, the Federal Government has expressly made explicit guidelines to control the regrooving of the commercial tyres since the consequences of inappropriate tyre regrooving are extremely dangerous. 

In fact, It is unlawful to offer or sell regrooved tyres. In straightforward words, an individual can not shave off or decline the measure of rubber on a tyre. Guideline likewise expresses that truck drivers are required to have tread of the tyre at least 3/32 inch thick. On the off chance that there are any score splits or proof of track detachment, a truck driver may not utilize the regrooved tyres. In many countries there are hefty fines regarding unlawful regrooving. Ultimately, regrooving should only be performed by authorized manufacturers such as Goodyear or a certified professional. 


Some truck drivers attempt to regroove tyres themselves without utilizing legitimate hardware and techniques. They don’t understand how deadly it can be. It is extremely difficult to regroove tyres precisely by yourself without devices and the proper amount of knowledge and especially practice. A vehicle with poorly regrooved tyres is at a serious danger of losing control and going off the road into a deadly end. 


With regards to regrooving, a large number of us out there concur that it ought to be performed via legitimate hardware and knowledge while a considerable lot of us are against regrooving due to its deadly consequences. It is an intense point and that is the reason why you must be entirely educated before you regroove your tyre or buy a regrooved tyre.

As we do not have appropriate guidelines and standards of regrooving tyres, we as a responsible driver must guarantee that we don’t get tricked by the sellers at the time of tyre purchase. This not only is important in terms of driving experience but also the overall safety.