Must Have Phone Camera Accessories

 It is not much ago when mobile phones were used only for receiving and making calls. But with technological advancement, the core purpose of using these mobile phones has been replaced. These phones have now become the one stop solution for all our day to day needs ranging from scheduling our appointments to watch movies. However, amongst all these features, the most prominent and loved feature of these smartphones is the camera. In fact, people now have started buying phones depending on the camera quality, and when this camera is supported with phone camera accessories the need of carrying a bulky professional camera just vanishes.

When armed with these additional accessories, the quality bar of the usual camera of your phone increases to provide you with some amazing pictures.

So for all such people who are looking forward to buying some of these accessories in order to upload some amazing pictures on Facebook or Instagram, here is the list:

  • Pocket spotlight: Much like the flashlight popping up in DSLR camera, this pocket spotlight will provide you with similar effects. It is designed in such a way that one can easily plug in the same in the headphone jack. It provides continuous that works amazingly for both stills as well as videos. Those who do not want to plug the same into the phone can ask someone to hold it for them while clicking pictures or making a video.
  • Viewfinder: Another phone camera accessory that can help to enhance the picture quality is the viewfinder. The handy viewfinder can be affixed at the back of the camera and can help to cut the glare and rays from the sunlight that prevents the user from getting an accurate picture.
  • Lens: For people, who are too much into photography but are unable to buy a professional camera, this 4 in 1 lens can prove to be really beneficial. It enhances the picture quality by providing multiple functions like fisheye, macro lenses, 10x and 15x lens focus.
  • Stabilizer: The handheld stabilizer is an amazing accessory for all photographers. When iPhone or smartphone is attached with this stabilizer, the user can easily get the smooth and clear video as well as still footage.
  • Film making case: This accessory will help you to add microphones as well, spotlights and many other accessories to enhance the quality of your video. The grip of this film making case help users to make movies without any hassle along with providing your phone an ability to mount on a tripod for capturing better and enhanced view.
  • Mobile harness: This accessory is must for avid travelers, not only it allows you to carry your phone anywhere without actually carrying it in your hands, but with his mobile harness you can also make videos hands-free.
  • Phone stand: You can either have a stick or can have any external stand through which you can click your own pictures without anyone’s help. To do the same, all you have to do is to adjust the angle and set self-timer. Also, these phone stands or a stick prevents the phone from dropping while clicking pictures.

These phone mobile accessories will help you to raise the bar of the phone in terms of picture and video quality.