Our world at a biological level is divided into 3 genders: Male, Female and Transvestite. So it goes without saying that the world should be equipped with catering to the needs of all three genders but sadly that is not so.

Take clothing for example, relatively speaking there are only 3 to 4 sizes that every shop keeps: Small, Medium and Large. A few shop cater to Extra Large as well but that size is mostly just one-up from the standard “Large” or “Small” size. What about the people who are skinnier or healthier than the average sizes? After all human beings have been created in all shapes and sizes but alas, the world is determined to pin us into what it deems satisfactory and although it relatively succeeded in that endeavour in times past, the 21st century is more open-minded and accepting of things that they perceive as not normal. Thankfully after years of revolution against this injustice finally the mass population is beginning to acknowledge that what is normal to them is not necessarily normal to everyone else!

This injustice bled out into all aspects of our everyday life including something as inconsequential to the future yet important to every 16 or 18 year old. I am talking of course about Prom.


Prom, is a semi-formal dance party typically held at the end of High-school. Students come together to have one last Hurrah before heading off to their separate destinations. On this day both the boys and girls are hard pressed to find the perfect ensemble that will put a fitting end on your school career.


Relatively speaking, Prom dress shopping should be easy. Right?


As we have stated above, the first and foremost comes the problem of finding the right size of your chosen dress. You could very well choose your favourite dress, in your favourite colour, cut and design but it would not matter if the dress is simply not in your size. There could be a number of reasons for this, either that the size number you require has sold out or the dress is simply not made in your size. In which case, in the eyes of the store you went to you are “Plus” sized.

Ladies and gents my advice is that if you encounter this situation, just turn around and walk out because that store is not worth your time and money. There are other ways to find your dream dress. Go to a more worthy store, one who doesn’t care about the stigma of plus size prom dresses. You will find that these places store dresses in all shapes and sizes. They are those places which are wholesome yet cutting edge especially in today’s society. These stores are the answers to all of your problems and if you work to focus your attention towards these charming shops you will make sure that one day all the dress shops follow that example.