pubs in Shropshire

Visiting Pub for the First Time! Here are some tips for you to check out!

Pubs and bars are very important part of the young culture now. Every Saturday you would find groups of people flocking inside the pubs and bars. Many times, people are not aware of the basic things when it comes to visiting a bar. Maybe because it was taken from the western culture. But do not fret as this post will cover all that you need to know before going to the bar or a pub.

Nevertheless,let us find out top 6 tips for your next visit to the bar:

  • Politeness is the key – There would a loud music blurring in the background but even then you must be polite to the servers or the bartenders. You are expected to be very clear about what you want to drink, and in case, you do not like their service, you can approach the owner but in a calm and polite manner. Acknowledging them for good service will also make their day and you will also have a feel-good
  • Know what you want to order – This is the most important thing when visiting pubs in Shropshire. The people are there to serve you, and it is quite a packed place so just make up your mind about your drink and as soon as you get the waiter’s attention, request him for your drink. Ask questions if you have any but be quick once it is answered.
  • Avoid PDAs – People generally get emotional when they are high on drinks. With music around, some people get involved in a lot of public display of affection with their partners. Now, this is something which should be avoided as it is a public place, and you wouldn’t want people to stare at your actions. Behave nicely and let others also enjoy and drink.
  • Careful with the personal belongings – You are responsible for your own personal belongings so make sure that you take care of your stuff. If you are alone and want to dance, make sure that you are near your stuff. In case, you are with friends or family, request them to take care of your stuff till you come back. In case, you make a trip to the toilet; carry your belongings along with you in case you are alone.
  • Tip generously – Bartenders and servers deserve the tips for serving you, and it is expected to be at least 20% of the price of your drink. Usually, these people make the money majorly from these tips so make sure that you are generous with the tips. And, of course, it ensures that your next trip to the bar would be better than this one.

Smoking – Generally, pubs come with Smoking Zones so make use of that. Most of the pubs do not allow smoking where many others are enjoying their drinks. So make sure that you ask the waiter about the smoking zone and enjoy the puff of smoke there. The smoke makes the area less breathable and the ash spoils the furniture of the pub. So be considerate towards it.