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A Restaurant Handbook: Tips for outstanding wait-staff uniforms for every restaurant

There are many scenarios where a uniform plays a significant part in the business, like in a busy café or any other restaurant. Consider this, you came with one of your office colleague in a quite busy café and took your seat. As soon as you’re settled, your server for the day approaches your table with a smile. Everything about her/him is fine, except, clothes. Your attention diverts towards his/her attire, and well she/he is dress in ripped jeans and an ill-fitting shirt. Though you won’t say anything to her, you will still think “that’s not what I was expecting,” and that is the point where things start to fall, and the reputation of your restaurant falls.

What comes after this? Well, as you wait for your food to arrive, you decide to take a look around and observe that every server is dressed unprofessionally and in different outfits. There is no standardization nor uniformity- there is not a single thing that can help the eaters distinguish between as to who is the server and who isn’t. When these people leave the premises of your restaurant, they will as well take the impression as well, and well your wait-staff and serves won’t leave any good impression without their proper and professional uniforms.

As a business owner or someone who looks after the impression and management of the restaurant, this display will leave you a little if not much perplexed, and at that moment you will prepare yourself for some serious hustle, and that is “to get your wait-staff the perfect uniform. . You will consider yourself as a customer and then think of how you will find such a place? Of course not for some professional meeting place.

The causal and laid-back attire might not affect the customer flow, but it will make not leave a lasting impression. The wait-staff with the sub-standard presentation will not leave a good impression. People will think twice before coming to your restaurant with formal colleagues or business associates. The clear message here is that impression matters.

For any restaurant to be successful and have a hype that does not extinguish with time is to  not have just an outstanding food and ambiance, but your staff to look perfect, trendy, and well fitted in uniforms no matter if it is a small corner café in a bumpkin or a five-star world-famous restaurant chain. For outstanding wait-staff uniforms for any restaurant, these five things are what you should consider as the uniform your wait-staff will wear as it will not just give them a prim and proper appearance, but they will be the marketers of your restaurant:

Branding: Whatever you do to your restaurant, always remember that the wait-staff are the face of your business as well as the restaurant. The uniform which they wear is a representation of what you and restaurant offer to the people. The uniform is a brand identity for you and your food chain.  It doesn’t matter if you own a small restaurant in a small town, you need the brand identity as must as the giant chain in the Food and Beverage industry. A fantastic thing regarding uniforms is that they are an effective marketing tool without making any sound or without saying anything. A taciturn marketing tool for you to take full advantage of it as it will assist in promoting your restaurant without any marketing.

Additionally, they will be easier for the people to identify who is server and who is the common person in the restaurant. If we talk about the colors and styles of the uniform, then we will suggest you go for darker colors as they will help in hiding stains or any such spot that will not look good or professional otherwise on the uniform of their servers or wait-staff. Another reason for choosing a solid, dark color is that they capture the attention of the people. You won’t have to look around much to spot a server or wait-staff. Uniforms are supposed to be sophisticated and elaborate rather than expensive.

Style: As a restaurant server and wait-staff, the uniform is supposed to be perfect, looking tidy, should be functional and practical but what is a must thing in these uniforms is that they must be trendy and stylish. Until or unless the restaurant has some specific theme, the best and foolproof way is to go with the flow with your style. An entirety of vest, slacks, and dress shirt is ageless uniform for serves and wait-staff.

Comfort: We all are aware that a restaurant business in a hectic and rigorous business with long and tiring hours, standing on feet or always on the run. It is the responsibility of a restaurant owner to provide its wait-staff and serves and other assisting teams with uniforms. The main thing that should be in the uniform is must be that it should remain comfortable and practical. IT should be of accurate size with perfect fitting and stylish. A poor uniform is just like a tight fitting pant: neither you can sit nor can you walk- useless piece of attire- low productivity and bad performance.

Quality: If there is one thing you should never compromise on is the quality of the uniform you choose for your wait-staff and serves. If you can save $10 on the go for it but remember you will be buying at least five times in bulk quantity in a year. This will result in more expense then saving. Go for one-time expenditure. Buy expensive but good quality uniform once and enjoy them for long terms.

Safety: In any industry, safety is of utmost importance, and especially in the food and beverage industry where more than 18 hours people in various shifts are in contact with flames and other heated utensils. Protecting your staff be it a chef or the wait-staff is the sole responsibility of the restaurant owner and management. There are multiple apparels which will protect your staff from flame and other life-threatening situations.

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