Why Voice of Customer (VoC) Should be Focused in Web Development

The most prominent advantage of digital advertising over traditional marketing is gathering and also quick response to feedback. Imagine if you are aiming for a swift exchange of information between your business and your customer—people can comment on your website about what they liked about a product, what they are expecting from your firm in the future, etc. Social media channels take this a step forward and allow you, as the admin, to interact quickly with the customer.

How to Collect Customer Information Online

  • Internet-based Surveys
  • Comment boxes on websites
  • Feedback sections on social media channels
  • Voice of Customer (VoC).

What is Voice of Customer (VoC)?

In order to discover the yearnings and requirements of your consumers, all these wants and needs are identified by the research method known as Voice of Customer or VoC. Typically, Voice of Customer used to be comprised of interviews and focus groups, but nowadays that is not the case. Similar to how Netflix has led to the almost complete shutdown of Blockbuster Video, customer data is more swiftly collected online than from physical entities. You can further use this information to improve your services—and ultimately enhance your sales in the long run.

Why Voice of Customer (VoC) Should be Focused in Web Development

Web design isn’t straightforwardly about making a captivating website. You should also be aware of visitors’ impressions of your website. Of course, optimizing a website’s layout is one of the key factors in successful web development. However, veteran developers almost always cite user experience (UX) in equal importance to a breathtaking visual exterior. By focusing on UX, you put yourself in the persona of your customers, and are able to relate to what they want better done by your company’s website. If you only see aspects from the website’s point of view, then you are noticing only one side of the perspective. Thus, through Voice of Customer you get an inside look at what customers feel when they visit your site. Changing your strategy from business-based to consumer-orientated will help define your goals. Participating in a debate with your consumers helps you to improve your UX in the long term. Not only are new customers gained through proper utilization of VoC, but you also have a chance of raising consumer loyalty, and hence, gaining an edge over your competitors.

Advantages of Using VoC in Web Development

  • Enhanced UX: As mentioned earlier, by positioning yourself as the customer, you will notice flaws in your site which you might have missed as a web developer. You will also be made aware of which areas are lacking and which are working. Thus, by looking at the website both as a developer and a consumer, you gain the unique advantage of improving from your website due to dual viewpoints.
  • Enhanced decision making: In improving web development, there are so many factors that creative teams get stuck about which areas to upgrade first. But thanks to the afore-mentioned two perspectives, you will bring a more customer-orientated approach to your overall web development plan.
  • Improved budget: Budget is one of the most important factors relating to running a website. When you bring a detailed action plan to a client, they might not agree with the costs. But by relaying important information about customer expectations to them, they are likely to change their minds and agree with your proposed budget in the end.
  • An increase in the quality of products and services: Have you noticed that Hotmail not only frequently updates their Outlook’s look but also asks customers to rate the new versions right after you’ve made an important action, such as read or composed an email? By focusing on customer feedback, you can make important changes in real-time. Similarly, by accessing your own products and services as a customer you will know how they feel after purchasing them, and thus you gain further insight on how to improve them.

The above points will open your eyes to the unique benefits of incorporating Voice of Customer into your comprehensive web development strategy. If you are still facing hardship in outlining your VoC approach, there are many web development services offered by companies across the globe.