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Wireless Presentation Solution For Your School

Vivi’s Classroom Engagement Solution joins classroom management apparatuses with ongoing understudy criticism to make understudy centered learning conditions that drive effectiveness.

Wireless presentation system

Not exclusively does this homeroom innovation enables instructors to introduce exercises from advanced gadgets without the requirement for attachments and links yet this likewise makes a difference in creating truly interactive learning spaces by enabling students to share their work and collaborate with their peers. Picking the correct screen sharing framework can be an overwhelming errand in light of the fact that there are various highlights, valuing models to consider, specialized details and the heap gadgets and working frameworks that must be obliged.

The instant communication

Teachers are allowed to give a lockdown or an evaluation screen and gadgets through Vivi connection and with the intensity of Vivi’s Emergency Broadcast. This noteworthy information is continued without the instructor leaving their understudies unattended. Teachers send email alert while at the same time communicate across the school to send emergency wardens since Vivi administrators it though admin portal. Emergency wardens are contributed data on the types of emergency assure swift and well-prepared emergency responding.

Transforming into an engagement classroom

From any point in the classroom, engaging with the students and the screen, teachers are now free to operate their classroom without having restrictions with the help of wireless presentation solutions. This increased students cooperation.  This enables understudies to turn into a quick educator as they can introduce their energizing plans to the whole class with friend criticism and giving an incredible possibility to increase learning goals and increment certainty. Vivi makes it straightforward and simple to switch control among instructors and their understudies making it a free-streaming productive learning condition.   Screen sharing will urge students to be respectful, develop negotiation and cooperation skills, inciting an essentially greater network situated learning condition.

Enhanced Annotation Tools

With the improved explanation suite of apparatuses, you would now be able to include a message in an alternate size, change the pencil width and pick from a collection of hues. Not exclusively would you be able to draw and explain As the applications overall subjects are interminable, the Capture screen captures highlight has consistently been adored by students and the instructors. To get ready for dismemberment in the science lab, the educator can demonstrate a starting video, delay the screen of a cross-sectional graph and utilize the pencil highlight to feature key territories of core interest. The teachers can show a video of their last soccer training session in a P.E. the class then take a screenshot and draw a labeled arrow in different positions to score goals. The touchscreen capture catch has been supplanted with two unique catches – Capture and Annotate. Instead, The Capture catch fills in as it did previously, yet as opposed to pulling up the explanation devices it consequently spares to your default pictures organizer. To comment on your screen capture, click the Annotate catch, and your picture will show up with the comment devices.