Calicut University

Calicut University Can Lead You to a Flourishing Career via Distance Learning

Calicut University, located at Thenjipalam in Kerala is one of the oldest universities in India. Through these years, the main focus of Calicut University has shifted towards providing quality distance learning experience to its students.

Now the question arises that in India, there is no dearth of institutions which provide distance learning programs, then why is Calicut University gaining such fame in providing distance learning education?

This is due to the excellent contribution of the university in the domain of distance education. For such expertise, Calicut University has been provided with an honorable ranking of 29th all over India.

Now the question arises, why does anyone need a distance education course? The answer is that there are such candidates who wish to pursue higher education while they are assigned some responsibilities at their job. It is difficult to continue both being at different places, so this distance learning program has simplified this problem by bringing an online approach to education.

Calicut University is the perfect center for distance education. If we consider the various aspects, it provides a wide range of courses for distance education and makes sure that these subjects are being taught well along with the provision of certification.

These measures are specially undertaken to ensure that there is no dearth of the required knowledge through the online education system which should be passed from a teacher to the student.

Things to consider before enrolling in a Distance Learning Program

According to resources, there were more than 200 universities which provide both regular and distance learning courses.

How to choose any Institute?

  • Approval and Recognition:

Before joining any university for a distance education program, one should check whether it is approved by UGC or not, this is done to ensure there is no fraud.

Calicut Universityis recognized by UGC as well as it is accredited by NAAC with an honorable ‘A’ grade.

  • Proximity:

Although distance education is conducted online, some universities have campuses in different places which often arrange doubt clearing sessions.

Calicut Universityhas a number of off-campus centers which can be helpful if this point is considered.


  • Exam schedule:

It is important to check whether the university conducts exams and declares the result on time or not.

In such cases, Calicut University has always maintained a good reputation because it leaves no stones unturned to help its students.

  • Pre-andPost exam services:

Students, as well as the university, should not procrastinate about the distance education, this is because the students need proper support from the faculties before and after exams.

According to the feedback received, Calicut University never lacks in providing the above-mentioned services.

  • Online way of studying

Since the whole system involves online studying, the resources should be of good quality. The study materials or the practice tests provided by Calicut Universityensures that their students are not lacking in any field or aspect.

Which courses Calicut University Offers in Distance Mode?

It can arise in one’s mind as a doubt whether the distance learning is fruitful or not, one is spending sufficient money to pursue the degree but it should also be leading the student to a certain directing leading to jobs.

Job Prospects of Courses offered in Distance Mode

  • BA and MA(Arabic)

In India, there is a misconception that Arabic is absolutely obsolete but this is an illusion. If any individual wishes to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Arabic Language, it is evident that he or she has chosen a different path in life.

Anyone in this world can pursue a distance education course in Arabic language and end up having interesting jobs such as the job of a translator.

One can also try their luck in the field of freelancing provided the concept of Arabic blogs is rare and unique. One just needs to seek some online help and then he or she can proceed with it.

The best thing about pursuing a different career is the aspect of lesser competition. If we consider the jobs at the Arab Embassies, only a few people are expert in Arabic language and of course, there is lesser competition in that zone.

But one should ensure that the distance education should be pursued from a reputed university such asCalicut University.

  • Bsc and Msc(Mathematics)

Since its inception, Mathematics has always made a place for itself everywhere in every domain. It is such a tool without which analysis is not possible, which is the exact reason why there is no dearth of opportunities for a person who pursues a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree distance learning education in Mathematics.

If anyone pursues a distance learning degree in Mathematics, he or she can get a good scope in the academic sector itself in the form of a teacher.

Apart from this, well-secured government, as well as private-sector jobs, are also available. The best career option is joining reputed organizations such as ISRO, ISI and much more.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of job opportunities if anyone pursues a distance learning degree course in Mathematics.

  • BA and MA(Economics)

It will be wise decision to pursue Economics as a subject because of its multilevel utility in various fields and markets. After a degree from reputed colleges likeCalicut University, one can find plenty of job opportunities such as jobs in PSUs, Reserve Banks, Private Banks, KPOs, BPOs etc.

One may also try his or her luck for the Indian Economic Services as well as proceed towards specialization to opt for jobs such as Accountancy, Consultancy, Auditing, System Analysis etc.

One would not sit idle after pursuing a degree in Economics in India where there is a wide arena of job opportunities.

  • BA and MA(Philosophy)

Earlier, due to lack of job opportunities, people used to neglect Philosophy as a subject. These days, the careers revolving around Philosophy are incredible and well-secured.

After pursuing Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree in Philosophy through distance learning, one can opt for jobs such as being a professional adviser, HR specialist and also go for opportunities in journalism, research and analysis and much more.

Calicut University provides a wide array of courses which are available in distance mode. For the incredible contribution, Calicut University has always been recognized to provide one of the best distance education programs throughout India. Along with the recognition and affiliations, this university moves ahead towards creating a better future by focusing on its strength which is distance education programs.