How is Technology Revolutionizing the Way Art Collectors Work?

The idea behind sharing a painting in the conventional times was only limited to fewer channels. Most that could be done was conducting an art exhibition where the art enthusiasts can view and admire the majestic of impeccable artwork.

Today, a thumb drive uploaded with more than thousands artworks can be attained. Technology has advanced in a superlative manner and the highest gainers are the art lovers and people who collect these exquisite pieces of work.

Haven’t you ever felt eased in exploring and purchasing paintings because technology boosted the entire process?

Yes, you must have (considering you really love art)!

It is no revelation that online art galleries have been gaining so much prominence among the heart of art admirers.

All you have to do is to make a decision to buy original art online and there you go!

Just Google the term online art, you will get around ‘19, 20, 00,000’ results for the same. Isn’t it amazing?

Not 20 years ago, the life of art collectors was like much tougher than what it had turned to be.

This blog is being scribbled down to provide you the examples of how technology is revolutionizing the entire procedure of art collection. Let’s Begin:

The Social Media

Facebook, a social networking site, which has a record MAU (monthly active user) base of more than2 billion. So many people, ready to get connected with just a click! Would have sound magical if you tell the same someone 50 years back.

Social media has emerged as the unsung hero for the art industry. Not long ago, the art exhibition was only restricted to brick & mortar galleries or some fancy carnival.

Today, while you are preparing a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, you can simultaneously check some dazzling piece of artworks on your phone.

Platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest have come up as art collector’s paradise. These image-based daisesheave the art business to an apex level.

Kick-off the new world

Consider you want to know who the upcoming artists in India are. All you have to do is type ‘upcoming artists in India’ in Google. You will be surprised to see the first 10 pages link will be somehow of some brand or online gallery that hold a plethora of artworks from artisans all over the world.

It is amazing to see as the competition of these online galleries is proving as a boon to the famed art collectors. You want to buy original art online, you have the leverage to choose from a number of options.

Transformed roles

Previously, any artist’s dream was to get his/her work displayed in some prominent art gallery in Rome or Paris.

Today, if your artwork is showcased on some eminent social media feed or your artwork is being talked about on the same famous blog, that’s the dream!

Social media has this amazing power to make an artist famous overnight.

Viral power

In the older times, any art trend used to ooze out slowly in the industry. It was a common sight that the artist that laid the foundation of that art phenomenon was dead when it became sensational.

Today, you have the ability to start an art sensation at the tip of your finger. The ability to reach millions of artworks with so much ease gives confidence and capability to the art collectors to choose more wisely.

Artists are utilizing this special benefit of the internet and the technology to engage the relevant and maximum audience.

Pushing the boundaries

Technological advancements have enabled the art collectors to get their hands on every painting that is available. This seems impossible for art experts in 40s or 50s.

Since the reach is elevated, hence the approach to buy original art has completely changed from the conventional times. As the approach is changed, hence art admirers now are going an extra mile challenging the older books.

This is why the unheard trends are gaining immense popularity overnight on the internet. Because people are ready to take risks and think out-of-the-box.

The evergreen personal touch

The best part of going to an art convention was that you can interact with the artist himself/herself. You can ask the artist about the inspiration, the method, the color combinations and so many other things.

The brick & mortar galleries are now slowly being overtaken by the online forums and websites. Still, art collectors love the personal touch of artist’s thought on the artwork. That is never going to get old.

Social media has kept the magic of ‘personal touch’ alive. Art lovers are interacting with the artists on these platforms, which is increasing the engagement level between the two.

Wrapping up

Technology and art have now blended together to walk hand-in-hand with each other. So if you want to buy original art online, relax, sit on your couch, get a beer, and explore millions of paintings on your smartphone. Happy collecting!

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