The Food Chain Of Extortion By Werner Boehm And Associates

The world has never seen anything worse than money laundering and extortion, but Werner Boehm took it to another level. The Former Bitruch CEO was alleged of his deceitful tactics during the incumbency period where he registered many companies as shareholders and pulling out money from the Canadian Securities Exchange. In addition to undertaking con activities within the company, the CEO partnered with Alfred Dobias and online blackmailer Ilan Tzorya to extort money out of the victims.

But, it is not the first time that Werner has been alleged of such a criminal offense. Back when he was incumbent at Bitrush, he was titled by the court to pay a hefty fine for his illegal actions in the business sphere. In November 2017, the court found him guilty and declared his conduct to be inappropriate forcing him to leave the position and the company. It seems fair to call him the con artist who merged fraud art with business leading the blockchain payment service to suffer a huge loss. But, it still didn’t stop Werner Boehm and his team from pursuing the misconduct.

The extortion chain

When Boehm was ousted from Bitrush corp. he kept on defying all the charges against him. He claimed that he was innocent and others were involved in framing him to defamation. However, records have settled for the fact that Werner Boehm has hosted and registered some companies with Bitrush which were operated from across borders. Werner has been found to be the CEO of many such companies and his associates Alfred Dobias and Elfriede were executives of the firm. In addition to all these, the associates were also found to be coordinating with the digital goons like Ilan Trzorya who is a professional blackmailer and is known to extort money through different modes.

The sources reveal that after the dramatic exit of Werner Boehm, the officials started receiving threat texts about revelations of some baseless news. On further investigation, it was found that the emails were from Ilan Tzorya asking for a ransom to stop publishing this news on the official forums and various websites. Boehm also opened a news portal that featured hoax emails to and from Uwe Lenhoff who used to work with Werner back in Bitrush. The whole food chain consisted of three levels as found out by the cyber officials and Canadian officers. The primary level consisted of people who were either employees or shareholders in the company and the top level involved Ilan Tzorya and the criminal gangs. Werner Boehm and Alfred Dobias formed the middle level. In order to maintain a balance between the two masterminds in the world of crime, it is suspected that Werner and his partner have undergone some changes in the original mail sent to Uwe Lenhoff. There are pieces of evidence of extortion with the officials.

It is still a wary situation and the sources urge the victims to these texts to be alert and not pay any money to any of them. Police officials are right on the case to detect clear evidence to put the culprits behind bars.

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