There Is No Dearth Of Authentic Halal Foods With Halal Restaurants In Singapore

Halal meat preparations are much sought after by people who follow the Islamic faith. Halal will denote as lawful or authorized according to religious books and faith and meat prepared by the halal method is the only way Muslims would eat their meat. This being the fact Muslim folks visiting the Malaysian peninsula may find it difficult to get halal food, but resolve is very much at hand in the form of halal restaurants in Singapore located in different areas.

How do you define Halal?

The rules of Halal are not just restricted to foods but also applicable to beverages that are popularly consumed by the followers. Some of the halal foods would include spring rolls, foie gras, chicken nuggets, lasagna, ravioli, and eve vegetarian foods that contain no alcohol. Haram is the opposite of halal meaning forbidden or non-halal and the prime example of that is pork or pig meat. This meat is unlawful to consume and is abhorred by Muslim community. Authenticity of halal meat is determined by the source from where it is derived, how the animal was killed and how the meat was processed. With so many of these laws governing the consumption of halal foods, it is vital that guests only sample them at authentic halal restaurants in Singapore.

The halal restaurants here pay great attention to the above details and hugely respect the religious feelings that have for their faith. They source, process and prepare halal foods in accordance with the Muslim laws concerned and serve them when guests expressly order them.  it would be interesting to note that even cosmetics that reportedly contain animal fat or by products are avoided by Muslims because the animals do not come under the definition of halal. So if you are coming to Singapore you will have no issues in finding authentic halal restaurants that only serve foods according to Islamic laws.

Let us see what kind of halal foods the restaurants in Singapore can serve to you


Highly popular in Malaysian peninsula and not less in Singapore, and it is skewered meat basically. It is marinated during the night before it is sent to the barbecue and cooked over coal fire. It is marinated by using turmeric, lemongrass, shallots, garlic, chilli and coriander and can expect to be slightly sweeter


It is known as the king of Malaysian food and it is the local favorite. Coconut flavored rice, fried peanuts, boiled eggs, and anchovies accompanied by spicy shrimp sauce are what make up the food item. It is absolutely natural and halal and has the official stamp for a staple breakfast.

Roti Jala

This halal dish is a cross between pastry and noodles and looks like a net crepe made from flour of rice. It is lacey in appearance and is served with thick savory chicken curry, chicken kurma, and chicken and beef rendang or with Indian style square shaped mutton.


It is blue tinged rice served with mackerel flakes, fried fish or beef, prawn crackers, or salted eggs. The rice gets its colors from blue colored pea flowers. It is absolutely delicious and tasty and you will find several halal restaurants in Singapore serving them hot and fresh.

You have more halal dishes like Mee Rebus, NasiGorengKampung, OtakOtak, NasiDagang, AyamPerchik and so on.  Only you need to find the right restaurant that actually serves them pure, authentic and tasty.  To find the right halal food channels visit website.

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