Tips for College Freshmen

Have you just completed four rigorous years of high school? Congratulations to you on your focus, self-discipline and ultimate achievement of being accepted into college as a freshman for the fall semester. These next four years will be a time of adventure, exploration and maturation.  Enjoy them as they will go by very quickly. Follow these recommendations from the college admissions professionals to ensure your first semester is a resounding success. Many studies have shown that the first semester academic performance is a precursor for the ensuing semester. Hence, it’s even more vital to get started and complete the first semester with strong grades.

The first week of college can be a blur. Leaving home and moving into a new environment is an enormous change. Stay anchored by maintaining frequent contact with your family and support network. They’ll be excited to hear your stories and adventures and you’ll be reassured that you have a strong foundation of support. Begin collecting items for your dormitory or apartment. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and purchase all of your needed toiletries and school supplies from the great value and selection available from Walgreens.

Commit to meeting with each of your professors the first week of classes. They all post the hour when they’ll be in their offices to see students. Establishing an initial contact with your professors is a great way to start off in each class. When you run into difficulties with the subject matter, it will then prove easier to approach each of the professors for additional assistance. Take classes that you’re unfamiliar with. Introduce yourself to other students that aren’t like you. Move out of your comfort zone and explore. Don’t lose sight of your values and character, but branch out and explore the unknown. Remember that those you chose to be friends with are a reflection of yourself – choose wisely.  The freshman year is also a time to learn serious time management skills. Put your classwork and studies first every day and you’ll have a successful semester. Best of luck to you!

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