Tips to Select the Best Stock Market Training Course

The stock market is undoubtedly the best financial avenue to make investments and to get higher returns when compared to other investments in the market. But this market is quite complicated and filled with twists and turns. Thus, the chances of facing losses are also very high. Hence, every beginner in this domain needs to first learn and gather sufficient knowledge tips, so as to trade safely and enjoy reaping high profits. Adequate knowledge will also help the person to gain immense confidence to take the right decision and moves, so as to minimize losses as much as possible and maximize gains.

Stock market training course

To meet the growing demand of those who are eager to enter this highly volatile, but profitable market, there are several online and offline courses being offered by the different institutes across the country. But it is important to select the very best one, so as to enjoy learning the different tricks and tips involved in this particular domain.

Technical analysis

Majority of the stock market training online India tends to focus upon technical analysis. It is considered to be the study of demand and supply in the market. This is achieved by comparing stock price volume (share numbers traded) and stock price movement history. Therefore, by understanding movement of price with regards to closing, low, high and open prices on any given month, week, day, hour or minute, while comparing this to the volume is sure to provide better insight of the future market direction. Data necessary is displayed in the stock chart. Hence, it can be consumed easily.

Further understanding

Technical analysis art/science tends to fall into different study area, namely:

  • Demand & supply – stock volume vs. price movement
  • Trend following – Getting to know the current trends
  • Cycle and waves analysis: Getting to know the market movement, business cycles, Fibonacci waves and seasonal cycles
  • Stock charts: Price – Price plotting in charts to better understand the stock history, market or share index by using candlesticks or point, bars & figure charting.
  • Price indicators: It is the study of Oscillators or chart indicators that are price based, called Stochastic, RSI (Relative Strength Index), ROC (Rate of Change), MA (Moving Averages), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), ADX Avg. Direction Movement Index and Parabolic SAR.
  • Trend Interpretation: Draw trend lines – Resistance and Support Lines
  • Volume Study: Know how volume level is associated with price & how price is associated with volume.
  • Market Sentiment: Know madness of crowds.
  • Price Volume Indicator Study: OBV (On Balance Volume), TSV (Time Segmented Volume), Chaikins Money Flow, Moneystream.

What else does the online stock market training cover?

The training also covers positives associated with Technical Analysis. When learnt correctly, it can help the person to understand better a part of stock market equation. It is known as the ‘effect’ part of effect and cause equation.

Hence, the person who undergoes the course thoroughly and understands well the topics covered and is dedicated is sure to emerge a winner in this domain.

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