Top 5 most dangerous active Volcanoes in the world


Nature has its own way of charming or maybe sometimes threatening. Volcanoes are a good combination of both. The volcanoes present in the backdrop of a movie are enough to give fearsome wonder in the minds of the audience. Their sight is overwhelming even when they aren’t in an active state. Those volcanoes that remain active are particularly satisfying to thrill seekers. Before further reading, we would like to define an active volcano, which according to a scientist is one that has erupted in the last 10000 years. Among these, there are some of them which have erupted more times than other. Most of the times volcanic eruption create havoc for human life and even for an area surrounding them. Following are a list of volcanoes which top the number of eruptions in the last 10000 years.

Most Dangerous active volcanoes in the world

Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland

This volcano is present in Iceland and is known for great troubles it brought all around western and northern Europe when it erupted in 2010. It is particularly dangerous because it is covered all around by ice caps and when it erupted it filled the air with dense smoke and almost around 10 countries had to close their airspace. It caused major disruption in glaciers also hence affecting not only travellers but also enhanced environmental dangers. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

This volcano situated in Italy poses a major threat to human life. It is enlisted among dangerous volcanoes in the world because it is located at just 9km from east Naples which makes it world’s most densely populated volcanic region in the world. When erupted in 79 AD, it engulfed two cities-Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Mount Rainier

There is a number of factors which qualifies it to list of dangerous volcanoes in the world. Highly inhabited surroundings, high elevation, snow-covered mountain, chemical composition are just a few of factors that make it potentially dangerous to Washington’s Seattle ( it is situated here). Heat from the volcanic eruption could melt the snow on the mountain which leads to a flow of mud, debris and other matter towards the city which poses a serious danger to people of Seattle.

Sakurajima, Japan

This volcano was situated on a former island in Japan. Lava flows from the eruption of this volcano caused the geographical condition of this former island to change and connected it with the Osumi peninsula. This volcano is known to erupt in small amounts every year, throwing out ash all over the surrounding area. However, some of the deadly eruptions have caused the worst consequences to the people of Kagoshima. This is also one of the Best Places to Visit in Japan.

Mount Merapi, Indonesia

Located at the border of Central Java and Indonesia, this volcano is also known as Fire Mountain. This volcano is been pretty active and is been known to erupt regularly since 1548. It endangers the lives of many people.


Volcanoes are definitely treacherous but beautiful in their own way. All you need is little aware and more active metrological department which will minimize risk to life.

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