Top 7 Mistakes That Must be Avoided by Call Centre’s Agents

To run a successful business for the long run, it is very important to deliver reliable products as well as astounding customer services. Therefore, the demand for both inbound & outbound BPOs has been increasing day by day. Because of some reasons, it is always believed that inbound call centres usually bring effective results on the table as compared to the outbound ones. But it doesn’t mean that outbound BPO’s services aren’t good enough to boost business’s productivity. The main reason behind is agents who make small mistakes unintentionally while communicating with customers and that’s why expected results are not accomplished.

So, have a look at the following 7 mistakes that must be avoided by call centre’s agents for better business’s productivity:

Poor customer records

Customer records are very important from the business point of view. Sometimes, outbound call centres don’t maintain customer’s data properly and this thing puts the agents into trouble while promoting products or services. On the contrary, maintaining customer’s previous purchase history helps the agents to communicate with customers in an effective manner. To make customers feel more valued, it is very necessary to maintain adequate records that can help in sending customized emails or messages.

Not keeping promises

Occasionally, agents of reliable outbound call centres make false promises so that they can meet the performance targets. But this always affects the business’s productivity at the later stages.To ensure a long-term relationship, it is very necessary to win customer’s trust.But false promises cannot do the trick for sure. So, it is recommended to all BPO firms to train their agents to use professional language & tone. All in all, communicate with customers carefully so that nothing leads to any big mistake.

Not listening to customers

Sometimes agents of outbound call centres don’t listen to customer’s product-related questions properly and start giving answers as per their presumptions. This thing makes customers frustrated and that leads to poor productivity. So, it is advisable for all the agents to listen to customer’s queries properly as this will make the conversation much better and that somewhere will improve the business’s bottom line.

Refusing to lose a fight

Sometimes outboundBPO’s agents get indulged in an argument with the customers due to various reasons such as untimely delivery, issue in product/service or lousy product quality. This makes customers to search for alternatives and this not only means a loss of business but also leads to negative reviews that can ruin the brand’s value. Apart from that, agents should always keep one thing in mind that impressing a new customer always take 5 times extra money & efforts as compared to keeping a current one satisfied.

Use of jargon

Outbound call centre’s agents always want to impress the customers during the conversation soas to bring more business. For the same reason, sometimes agents use industry-specific terms that may confuse the customers and this leads to poor business’s productivity. So, it is suggested to use simpler language to make your conversation with customers more effective.

Sticking to policies

To ensure better business productivity, it is advisable for all the BPO owners to give your agents training in such a way that can help your teamin handling things differently rather than saying ‘Sorry this is our policy’. Because whenever a prospect asks about products or services, it means he/she is interested in the products or services and that brings a golden chance to add him/her to current customer’s list. Of course, you are not supposed to compromise with your company’s rules but it is very important to keep customers happy while communicating.

Impersonal messages

As we have already discussed that maintaining customer records are very important from the business point of view as you can send personalized messages for better results. But sending general & impersonal messages can affect business’s reputation. All in all, it is good to maintain customer records, but using them inappropriately can affect the business’s bottom line.

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