Top Fantasy Cricket League Platforms in India That Promise Real Jackpot Cash Prizes

Every sport fuels energy and drives the crowd’s enthusiasm to participate. Fantasy sports are a way in for all the gaming maniacs. Fantasy cricket allows a platform for users to choose players based on their preferences as their fantasy cricket team. The user then accumulates points based on their chosen players’ performance in real-life matches. These points are rewarded in cash on many platforms; making fantasy cricket leagues a great source of earning big prize money for many. Here are some platforms to win real cash prizes online.

  1. Golden Jeeto

The biggest rage in fantasy league cricket is Golden Jeeto. It is the most popular fantasy cricket platform in India and is stormed in the IPL season. In order to participate, users have to create their dream team on Golden Jeeto. This team of 11 chosen players then gathers points based on each individual team member’s real-life performance. Golden Jeeto gives you bonus on referral and helps win real cash. Choose the captain and vice-captain of your team with caution, as these will be crucial to your team’s score.

  1. 11wickets

With over 8 lakh users online, 11wickets is another big player in the cricket fantasy league arena. The user can choose a match and start preparing his team for it. You can create multiple teams and enter a tournament with any of the team you like. The platform allows easy management of the team with the options to even change the gold and silver players prior to a certain deadline. Based on the credit in your account and your budget, you can book big players that are playing the on-field match that day to represent your team as its Captain or Vice-Captain.

  1. Fandromeda

This platform has two different formats, classic and pro. In classic format, players participate to win coins that are later encashed as gift vouchers and store credits. Pro players can win cash from their fantasy dream team. Like most platforms, Fandromeda also has the tournament mode where a single team will play throughout the season to win points for the user. Additionally one can partake in a one-on-one battle by selecting an opponent in a winner-takes-all bet.

  1. IPL Fantasy 2018

This platform allows you to enjoy cricket fantasy league in two different modes. In tournament mode, a user creates a dream team for him for the complete IPL season. This mode does allow minor tweaks and changes in the team later but the points are totalled and rewards distributed at the end of the season only. In daily challenge mode, one can create a team for a single day and enter contests.

  1. Starpick

Like other fantasy league platforms, this one also has the tournament and daily challenge modes. Additionally, the platform allows one-on-one competition between you and your friend. This option to challenge a friend can reward you in lots of points. One can compete for cash prizes and daily contests to win gift vouchers by paying a nominal entry fee. A Starpick user can invite others users to join and play for money by creating his own tournament. Doing this allows the user the choice of how he will later distribute the prize money.

  1. Champs 11

Similar to the other fantasy league cricket platforms, this one also has the basic tournament and daily challenge mode. One can choose the match that he wants his team to play by a single click. The platform also considers the captain and the vice-captain of the chosen team as the Gold (x2 points) and Silver (x1.5 points) player respectively.

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