Treatment Of Disc Herniation By Neurosurgery In Mumbai

The spine usually consists of 24 vertebrae – seven neck vertebrae, twelve thoracic vertebrae, and five lumbar vertebrae.

There is an opening in each vertebra, the vertebral hole. All vertebrae stacked above each other thus form the spinal canal, which contains the spinal cord and nerves (up to the second lumbar vertebra). From the second lumbar vertebra (downwards) there are only nerves in the canal and no spinal cord. Viewed from the side, there is an opening (foramen) between two vertebrae, through which a nerve comes out.

The best neurologist in Mumbai is Dr. Ghulam Muqtada Khan. He practices at Global Hospitals and has 20 years experience. The cost of spinal decompression surgery in India ranges between USD 4400 and 6800 depending on the procedure – lumbar laminectomy, minimally invasive surgery or artificial disc implant.

Hernia of spine

In the event of a hernia in the cervical spine, the intervertebral disc may protrude or a tear may occur in the fiber ring. This causes the nerve root to come under pressure and neck and / or arm complaints occur. These complaints may consist of radiating pain in the arm, possibly with a tingling or irritating feeling in the arm. If there is a large hernia (possibly with an already narrow spinal canal) and entanglement of the spinal cord, walking disorders may also occur. 

Spinal canal narrowing (stenosis)

The spine can show signs of wear especially in the elderly. In response to the wear (osteoarthritis), the vertebral bone starts to proliferate and becomes thicker, especially in the case of vertebral joints where thick ridges develop. This can take place on one level, for example, C5 / 6, but also at other regions, for example, C2 to Th1. These ridges narrow the spinal canal and can, therefore, suppress the spinal cord. The nerve roots can also get pinched.

If the spinal cord is compressed, you will no longer be able to control the movements of your legs and you will experience a decreased feeling in your feet. The legs often seem stiffer than normal. Sometimes you can accidentally lose urine and/or stool called incontinence.

If the nerve roots are pinched, the symptoms are shooting or radiating pain in the shoulder or arm, sometimes accompanied by a deaf or tingling sensation. 

The operation of a hernia on the cervical spine

The operation can be performed in various ways. The neurosurgeon will discuss the method that will suit you best.

With a hernia, the neurosurgeon operates primarily through the front. With an approach from the front, a cut is made on the left or right side of the neck.

The neurosurgeon will discuss with you whether he will also fix the vertebrae together (spondylodesis).

If this happens, in addition to removing the intervertebral disc from the front and releasing the nerves, the doctor will fix the intervertebral space with the patient’s own bone, artificial bone, bone cement, titanium cage or plastic cage. He can also attach a plate with screws. 

The operation of a spinal cord narrowing (stenosis) on the cervical spine

The operation consists of creating more room for the spinal cord. This can be done through the back of the neck and through the front.

In the case of an operation via the back, the vertebral canal is usually widened on several levels by removing the relevant vertebral arches (laminectomy).

With an operation through the front, the neurosurgeon makes a cut in the neck. He will then remove the intervertebral disc until it has landed at the front of the vertebral canal. The bone ridges, which are above and below the intervertebral disc, are then removed. The space created is filled with a piece of bone (from the pelvis or a cage made of plastic). Sometimes the neurosurgeon may decide to attach the vertebral bodies to each other with plates and screws. 


It takes about a week for the pain to subside and the patient to be able to resume regular duties. At times physiotherapy may be prescribed to correct posture.

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