Wart Removal: Should You Opt For It?

Warts are skin growth which is caused the human papillomavirus (HPV)

The most common places where warts appear are on the fingers near fingernails or anywhere on the hand. Certain types of HPV can also cause to warts to appear in the genital area. Warts are generally not harmful and they can easily be removed by going under wart removal surgeries. These surgeries are really minor and you can be discharged the same day.

If you notice an unusual discharge or unusual growth in your wart, you should bring this to your doctor’s attention. In certain cases, it has been observed that warts return even after the surgery. These types of warts require a special type of treatment. Your doctor will perform surgery based on the size and location of your wart.

Once you visit your doctor he/she will examine your wart initially. Then if required, your doctor will scrape out the first layer and then internally check the wart. This is done to check any clotted blood cells or any dark pinpoints which are quite common in warts.

If required, your private dermatologistmight also remove a small section of your wart and send it for a lab test. Most warts go away on their own but some people still prefer to get them removed viawart removalmethods. These methods include over-the-counter medicines or wart removal surgeries.

the main aim of these treatments is to remove the wart completely and stimulate the immune system to respond to fight the virus or both. The doctors usually start with the method which will cause the least pain and then based upon the results the doctor will decide what needs to be done next. The doctor will suggest various procedures based upon the location of your wart.

Your private dermatologist will choose one among the following procedures:

The most common method used by doctors to get rid of the wart is by freezing. For this procedure, your doctor will use any over the counter freezing spray products to freeze the wart. This should strictly be performed by your doctor as the wart needs to be frozen deep enough so that it can be removed easily. Once the wart is frozen as required, a blister will form around it and the wart and the dead tissues will fall off on its own. This procedure might take one or two weeks to get rid of the wart completely.

Some doctors might also use cantharidin for wart removal. Cantharidin is an extract of the blister beetle. It is applied around the wart and as a result, it forms blister around the wart which ultimately lifts the wart off the skin surface. Your doctor will cover the area with bandage once the ointment has been applied.

Some other medications that your doctor will prescribe may include bleomycin which is injected into the wart so that it can kill the virus and the wart will fall off. There are various immunotherapy drugs that are available with the prescription of your doctor. These liquids or creams are recommended to use for your genital areas.

These ointments consist of salicylic acid which will dissolve the wart tissue on a regular application.

Some doctors might simply suggest you go for a wart removal surgery. For this procedure, your doctor will use medical scissors to cut away the wart. In some cases, your doctor might also use an electric needle to destroy the wart completely. Laser surgery can also be performed where an intense beam of light is used to burn and destroy the wart tissue.

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