Watch Brands That Fit for Different Work

Luxury watches are beautiful and we always say you can wear your luxury watch for pretty much anything.  You can go to the office, go to a black-tie event, go shopping or go to a kids birthday party, wearing your luxury watch.  You can travel in it, you can swim and you can sometimes go to great underwater depths too.  But not all luxury watches are good for extreme types of adventure and you do need to know what the limits of your luxury watch are.


If you lead a ‘pretty normal’lifestyle – a bit of work, a bit of golf or tennis, maybe some sailing, bike riding, romantic dinners – Rolex, Tag Heuer, Omega, Piaget, Cartier, Hamilton, Seiko – they’re all perfect.  All luxury watches, the good ones anyway, are great for every day things.  Of course people who wear luxury watches are not necessarily ‘every day’people which is why the watches are so special.  Luxury watches are bold, striking, beautifully made and beautiful designed.


If you work with your hands a lot, perhaps an artist, an architect, an actor or even a stuntman – you need a watch that is going to be hardy.  Artists need to be careful because of paint and it’s probably a good idea to set your watch aside while you work.  Actors usually don’t do their own stunts, but usually wear top quality watches on set and off set.  James Bond stars usually wear a fab Rolex or Omega.  Sports stars always wear good luxury watches.  They need the precision.


So let’s look at different careers.  If you’re the CEO of a large corporation, you want to wear a watch that says status.  Your watch should say ‘I’ve made it.’This is where a watch like a Hamilton comes in.  Hamilton is a beautiful luxury brand of watches, American which is somewhat unusual, with a wide range of watches on their books.  The reason I quote Hamilton for a top business person is because the watches are not at all flashy. They are completely stylish but also practical.  Hamilton watches were at one stage issued for the U.S. army.  They are functional, hardy watches that can withstand a lot of wear and tear but still work.  Today, they are not necessarily army watches but they are pretty hardy.


Hamilton watches are beautiful too.  The range is diverse. You can get the khaki straps and more ‘army style’Hamiltons, but you can also get the pure luxury stainless steel and precious metal Hamilton watches.   They are really nice to look at, very masculine in style, not too big or bulky though, and perfect for all kinds of work.


When you buy a luxury watch, you do of course bear in mind what you are going to be wearing it for.  If you want a watch that is always going to be on your wrist, even though we recommend you take it off at night, then look at a Seiko. Seiko also have a great range of watches, ranging from fairly inexpensive to pure luxury.  Seiko have watches for sports lovers, adrenaline junkies, the business person and the luxury watch collector.  They even have a Seiko Astron GPS solar watch which is the ideal watch for adventure.  Seiko also have elegant dress watches and a Seiko will look good at a business meeting but also good when you wear a tuxedo to a black tie affair.


What watch would you wear to a wedding.  Well, any luxury watch would work but perhaps look at Cartier, Breitling, Bulgari, Longines,Rolex and – we could go on.   It depends on the style you are looking for.  Luxury watches by the way, whether they are blue, black, silver, gold, or rose gold – go with absolutely anything you are wearing.  You never really need to worry about matching your luxury watch to your outfit.


Women may want to think of their luxury watches carefully.  If you’re a new mom, you want a watch that is simple and sleek, and no fuss.  Seiko, Hamilton, Longine – they are all good.  And if you are going out at night, to a beautiful event – Cartier.


Are you a swimmer?  Then you want a watch that is good in the water.  Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Hamilton – they are all designed for the water.  Just do your research so you know what depths you can go to. 


Celebrity chefs who always get their hands dirty, also need to wear watches.  And a celebrity chef is never going to wear a plastic watch.  Wear a watch that can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and wear a watch where if you get a bit of flour on it, it doesn’t matter.  A good hardy watch is a good idea, still gorgeous, elegant and stylish, but touch.  Again, Hamilton watches and Seiko watches come to mind.

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