Website Cloning: Website Design & Online Cloning

Developing and building up a new website without from scratch is very tedious and time-consuming work for the individual designers, particularly when the fundamental design and functioning needed is similar and only a few of changes are supposed to do. In order to reduce this overhead on a web designer, the concept of website cloning is introduced which simply implies copying or adjusting an existing web architecture to build another website.

Web designers can select any of the existing websites to clone wholly or can choose desired elements of that website to copy. There are two types of cloning performed by developers: 1) Design Cloning and2) Script cloning.

In design cloning, the overall structure of the website is copied using some tools and design experts. Usually cloning is performed on a popular website design of corresponding field of website such as URL shortening, educational portal, hospital software, payment application, booking portals, online exam portals, real estate, crowdfunding, e-commerce and classified sites search engines, jobs & career-related portals, online video streaming and social networking,etc. Below given are some of the common elements which should be taken into consideration to clone website design:

  • Home Page: This is the entry page of any website which consists of all-important highlighted content and tab menus.
  • Registration/Login: These pages keep accounts of users through their name, email address, passwords, date of birth and other info.
  • User Accounts/Profiles: Profiles are useful for websites to analyse user behaviour, how he’s using their services, what they like and other customization settings.
  • Geolocation/Mapping: Most of the popular websites take location access of the user to provide personalized services for the region from where the user belongs.
  • Social Networking: Social networking sites contain chat window pages which develop relationships between other users of the same service. Chatting elements now become an essential component in all websites for help & support queries.
  • Notification/Messaging: This allows users to receive messages and chat sessions from other users or either by the service provider itself.
  • Database & Payment Gateway: Modern websites generate a lot of data which is stored in customized databases, secured databases also include where user’s payment and subscription info is stored.
  • Animations & Transition Effects: Components of GUI used to make attractive look & feel of the site make the design more user-friendly.

There are many software tools are available for cloning website are known as Website cloners or website or website downloaders. Web designers can select any of the existing websites to clone any website completely or can choose desired elements of that website to copy or you can buy website clone scripts which are simply the web scripts which mimic the functionalities of existing popular websites.

These online cloners offer website duplication and cloning services and deliver the capacity to understand your vision from one of the numerous websites that as of now exist to a fully-fledged product. They have access to famous and well-known websites to code that brings your webpage up faster and incorporates your modifications, duplicates a website, clone a site from scratch. They provide website cloning services to clone website online and furthermore offer services to copy HTML from the site or to duplicate web composition/code just as to copy a site. They easily recognize what you want to handle your site to work the manner in which you need it to by systematic and step-by-step consulting.

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