What are basic types of essential invoices for small businesses!

In small businesses, it can be quite tricky to be able to fulfill all your tax obligations properly. The process is bureaucratic and complex, which leaves most small entrepreneurs very confused. However, you have more to gain if you do everything correctly, and a good first step is to know the types of invoices and which ones should not be missing in your business.

As you may already know, invoices are documents that prove the movement of goods or services performed by the company. Its issuance is mandatory for any formal business, since they are used in the rendering of accounts to the revenue.

One of its purposes is to notify the public agencies about the activities carried out, but also help in the correct administration of the business and in the prevention of legal problems. They also have different categories according to their content and purpose.

If you have a small business, ideally you should issue and save at least the following types of invoices. Follow us!

Electronic Sales Tax Note

The NF-e, the most common invoice in any micro or small business, is a document that has the same value as the printed invoices. That way, you can digitally store information about products sold and account for the revenue quite easily. For it to be valid, the issuer must have a valid digital signature.

Electronic service invoice

NFS-e is also one of the most common types of tax notes. Similar to that of the previous item, it serves as proof of services rendered to the client. For example, if you sell a piece of computer, you must issue an NF-e. However, if you perform a maintenance process, you must issue an NFS-e. And because it is digital, it follows the same rule of electronic signature.

Nota Fiscal Series D

This is a more specific invoice. It should be issued by retail companies that have a gross annual turnover of $ 240,000 or less, every time they make a sale to the final consumer. This document must be analogical, that is, it should not involve digital registration or electronic accounting. Just buy it at stationers and fill it.

Tax Coupon

If your company works with the sale of goods or with interstate, intercity or communication services, then there is an obligation to issue the Tax Coupon whenever one of your customers is not a taxpayer of the ICMS.

There may be other types of invoices that your company must issue, according to the industry and other specifics. Remember to study such information and keep your receipts well guarded. All of them need to be provided to the revenue when it comes time to render accounts to the tax authorities and auditing authorities. If some information is incorrect, it may be that your company is caught in the fine mesh.

Now that you know some of the types of invoices that cannot be missed in your company, it’s time to start putting into practice. Want some more tips to improve your relationship with invoices.

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