What you must know about septic systems?

The septic system is like the ordinary way to rid the home of sewage and for that reason, it is crucial. Well, it can be temperamental if you are not careful.

You must know that the septic tank contains all of the bacteria it required to break down the solids. However, the solids, scum, fluids, and sludge separate into different layers based on the weight.

Before you search out the septic tank pumping near me in the Google, there are few things you need to know about the septic system.

What to flush?

Normally, the septic system relies on the good bacteria in order to break down the solids come through the pipes. If you are flushing items that are not biodegradable, then it will directly affect on the system.

Products like feminine products, cleaners, cat litter, and diapers should never be flushed as these products will throw off the balance of the bacteria. They will not only effect the bacteria but also can cause a serious clog.


From the washing machine, the drain will lead directly to the septic system and if the drain field begins to look bubbly, then it’s because of your laundry habits.

If you are using an excess of bleach or laundry detergent, then that will cause bubbles to form on the drain field. You can do one thing, reduce the amount of soap that you normally use and also can ensure that you are running loads that are the proper size.

This will help you eliminate the problem and will keep your septic tank healthier.

Inspect the drain field

Every single septic tank needs a drain field and this is where the excess water ends up after being filtered. This is known to be an integral part of the system.

After every few weeks, you can consider taking a walk over the drain field. By this way, you will be able to pay some more attention to the ground as to how your shoes feel when walking.

If it is raining for a few days and the ground feels muddy and sludgy, then your septic tank is overflowing. Basically, a functional drain field will not allow the liquid to remain the liquid near the surface.


It is very much important to pay more attention to the foliage as your septic tank system is buried deep inside the ground. If you are not careful, then the roots of the trees and bushes can affect on the pipes that are around that system.


Even if the septic system filters the excess liquid out as it’s required, then it is actually important to get the entire system pumped after every three to five years.

This technique helps to remove the solids that have built up and also keep everything working properly.

The more you are using the system, you have to get that pumped that often. This is the best way to make things work properly without making you face any kind of problem.

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