Why Choose Merino Wool?

Woollen wears are quite a necessity during the winter season. But many people don’t prefer wearing woollen attire as they can sometimes be a bit itchy. For all those who are against wool for this reason must not know about merino wool. This natural fibre is a powerhouse. It is extremely soft on the skin and also exceptionally warm. Merino wool has a lot of advantages which most people are not aware of. It is packed with high performance benefits which can suit a number of adventures you would like to go on.

  1. The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that merino wool is extremely comfortable. It is not at all heavy, lumpy or prickly. Merino is known to one the finest wool in the world. It is lightweight and feels really soft against the skin. This is why merino wool is quite popularly used in next to skin clothing. Merino wool thermals are widely popular. Socks and underwear are also made with it.
  2. Don’t think that just because it is lightweight it won’t be able to keep you warm enough. Merino wool can trap heat better than any other type of wool. The fibre has a natural crimp which helps in trapping the heat in air pockets allowing you to stay warm for a long time. For extra warmth in very cold regions you can wear your merino base layer under a merino shirt. The two layers will trap even more heat keeping you sufficiently warm. If you want warmth yet like travelling light then get merino clothing for yourself.
  3. Merino wool is quite breathable. It has the property to release warmth when needed so that your body doesn’t get overheated. It can cool you down when things start to get too heated. This ability to regulate temperature makes merino wool extremely comfortable in any weather condition.
  4. Another great property it has is that it can absorb moisture released from your body. 30 percent of its weight can absorb moisture and still provide enough warmth to the body. This keeps you cosy, warm and dry. As it is a natural moisture wicker, it can remove perspiration away from the body to keep it dry and prevent hypothermia in cold regions.
  5. You will notice that most of your innerwear start stinking after wearing it for a few times itself. Your perspiration doesn’t cause the unpleasant odour, but the build up of bacteria makes it stink. Merino wool resists the build-up of bacteria naturally thus prevents foul odour from forming.
  6. Merino thermals are the best kind of winter innerwear for men’s As it is resistant to odour, stains and bacteria, you won’t have to wash it as often as other clothing. They are much easier to take care of. Just airing your merino clothing the last night will freshen it up for the next day. They also maintain their shape for a long time even after washing it several times. It will maintain its shape for many years.

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