Why City Walk Is A Good Place For A Staycation

City Walk is one of the newest neighborhoods in Dubai. It features wide boulevards and sidewalks dotted with cafes and restaurants like you will find in cities like New York or Paris. This is a peaceful oasis ideal for a staycation for families and solo travelers.

If you want to relocate to Dubai, there are numerous apartments for sale in City Walk. In fact, some of the top real estate brokers in Dubai are located near this area to help you find a property that suits your needs. However, it is important to ensure the broker is registered with RERA.

Here are some local activities and attractions that make City Walk ideal for a staycation

  • Green planet

Even though Dubai is located in the desert, you can get a taste of the tropical rainforest in the Green planet. It is a green palace enclosed in a four-story building in City Walk. One of the biggest benefits of this location is that you can visit with your children. Each floor of the building features a wide variety of plant and animal species. For instance, the ground floor, dubbed as the flooded forest, has different types of marine and aquatic life. This is definitely an educational and fun destination.

  • Matel Play

This is another fun destination for families especially with children between the ages of 2 to 10 years. It features entertaining live shows, educational play experiences and a rich selection of activities that equip children with problem-solving and social skills. Your children will be able to interact with their favorite characters such as Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and more.

  • Luxury shopping

City Walk is a shopper’s paradise with an extremely diverse selection of outlets, boutiques, and malls to entice visitors. It features international fashion brands, jewelry designers, fragrance emporiums and more. Whether you are shopping for yourself or gifts to take back home, you will find everything you need.

  • Watch a movie

If you are movie fanatic, you can book a place at the Roxy cinemas located at the central hub of City Walk near the fountains. It features massive reclining seats with fluffy pillows and blankets. The seats are comfier than your conventional movie seats. On top of that, you can order snacks to your seat. The theatre has twenty screens to cater to a variety of needs including comedy, cartoons, thrillers and more.

  • Dining and staying

There is a huge selection of eateries that feature different cuisines from around the world. The hotel features an upmarket with a lot of greenery in the courtyard making it a great place to stay for your vacation.

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