Why Kolkata is known as the Street Food Hub of India?


Indian cuisine is best known for its rich and diverse tastes and spiciness that burns the tongue but soothes the heart. Indian food is served all over the world in many settings, such as from fine dine restaurants to rustic dhabas on the highway. But the place where one can taste the true essence of the Indian flavors is on the roadside, at street food outlets in dingy alleyways. It may sound shady but trust us when we say that the food tastes heavenly.

A lot many cities and towns of India are known for the mouth watering street food their streets have to offer, but having surpassed and beaten them all, the true winner emerges to be Kolkata to become the hub of street food. Kolkata is the epitome of infusion of the old and the new. On one hand where there are some of the best 5 star hotels in Kolkata, such as the Lalit, which provide their visitors with food at par with the best adjudged internationally, on the other hand the diverse range of street food that the city offers will leave you wanting for more.

  1. Puchkas: The endless debate over whether they should be called puchkas or gol gappe continues but what we can’t argue upon is the fact that it is the most loved street food of India, with people gobbling up a number of them at once. Served with spicy and minty water, the flavors cause a happy riot inside your mouth. Don’t forget to ask the puchke wale bhaiya to give you a sookhi papdi once you have had your fill of the puchkas.
  2. Chinese/Tibetan Street Food: Be it vegetable filled fried momos with spicy chutney or a bowl of steaming thukpa or a plate of noodles, the best place to have them is China Town at Tiretti Bazaar. The place has been historically known to be the home to 20,000 Chinese, but the numbers have gone down drastically over the years. But the essence of the place lives on in the food that is served to thousands of people on a daily basis.

  1. Fish Fry: We can’t talk about Kolkata and skip over her most beloved food, the fish. The fish fry leads the bandwagon of street food of the city. It is made by using small fish like parshe and mourola and big fish like katla and rohu. It is available at almost every corner of the city and is a favorite of the young and old alike. Food does unite all.
  2. Jhal Muri: The amount of time it takes to prepare this dish is almost negligible but its taste stays imprinted on our tongue and our heart for a long time. It is prepared by mixing puffed rice with chopped onions, tomato, chilies, spices, coriander and nuts, all tossed in mustard oil. You would find it being sold almost everywhere, and eaten with great zeal by all.
  3. Singara: Singara is the local, bigger variant of the much loved snack known as samosa. A singara is usually stuffed with aloo, mutton, chicken or dal filling. It makes for a perfect meal on rainy evenings when accompanied by hot, piping tea. It is easily available on the streets, with a lot of vendors calling out to people passing buy to try the delicious preparation.

A city as vibrant and happening as Kolkata cannot be missed out on your travel shenanigans, and more so for the food. Take your taste buds for a joy ride while you have amazing continental food at the restaurants of the best hotels in Kolkata, don’t miss out on the variety of street side food the city has to offer.


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