Why one should install a Budhha painting?

For many years, the paintings of Lord Budhha have been taken into account to be considered as a symbol of prosperity and wealth. That is why; many Budhhists and Hindus believe in installing Budhha paintings in their house.

The presence of a  Budhha painting in their homes will bring divine peace and spiritual enlightenment; that is what the common belief goes among Hindus and Budhhists. This also encourage people to crave for peace and enlightenment which comes as an inspiration from the life Lord Budhha has lead himself.

There is also another reason that people believe in installing the paintings of Lord Budhha in their rooms (be it home or at office). As per the Vastu and the Feng Shui studies if one keeps a painting of Lord Budhha in their home or at the office then it can also bring a great fortune (according to Feng Shui, it increases the flow of Chi). What exactly is Chi? Well, according to Chinese studies, this is a form of energy which remains omnipresent. If there is a presence of Chi in the home, it means that there will be harmony and balance in the home along with wealth and joy.  As per their belief, Budhha paintings are also symbols of bliss and innocence. If there is a painting of Budhha in the house, it is believed that it will work like a shield from all the negative and bad energies. If one places a Budhha painting in their office then it will help one to relax and reduce stress which is very much needed when one is under huge pressure.

One can just install a Budhha painting in their house if they want to. There is no need to become a Budhhist believer for that. But yes, when one is thinking of putting up some Budhha canvas painting in their house of office, then they need to keep a few things in mind regarding their placements.

  • One needs to avoid the placement of the painting at the ground level of the structure just as a basement.
  • If one is placing the Budhha painting at a high level in their house it means that they are showing respect and a lot of importance to Lord Budhha. This will produce a lot of positive vibes within the entire surroundings.
  • If one wants to place a Budhha painting in their work or in the study area then it can help one to achieve a psychological and emotional well being.
  • When one places Budhha painting just opposite the main front door then it can prevent the harmful intruders and visitors. The image of the Budhha will give a sense of blessings and mindfulness to people around.
  • If one places the Budhha painting in the living room then it can always help in bringing peace, happiness and prosperity to the family living there.

When one is buying a Budhha painting then one needs to ensure that it is of good quality and correct.


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