Why Web Developers Should Learn Designing

It is time we stopped regarding web developers and web designers as two different species. True, both fields require specialisation but if a web developer manages to be a jack of both trades, then it is a bonus not just because it saves time and money (and that’s reason enough) but also because the final product is more likely to meet all the demands. The creation of a website by a web app development service goes way further from the initial coding stage. It is an important thing to be properly informed about the essentials of web designing.

As we try to get to the bottom of it, let us list down all the reasons why web developers need to learn web designing as well.

Presentable website

A website can very well be functional in all respects and still lag behind on appearance. The appearance of a website is important in attracting customers. In order to achieve this, the website developer must have a keen sense of aesthetics and design. Only when both functionality and design is combined will the final product be worth the attention of the public.

Responsive web design

A website has to have a certain level of reachability for it to have the kind of impact that it should. The key to achieving this is to make the content viable across the screens of all the devices. A web developer without knowing the simple aspects of web designing cannot achieve this. Responsive design, on the other hand, is mandatory to attract traffic.


The visualisation component contributes to aesthetics more than anything else. The website might as well as have a store of informative data but if it will prove to be of no use if it is not presented in a readable manner. The idea is to make the data comprehensible. A simple way to execute this is to include charts, graphs, tabular columns and figures.

Image management

Images are indispensable to a website. From spicing the page up to conveying the message more effectively images serve a number of purposes. Be it images or any visuals that include animations and video, the web developer needs to have some skill in web designing to place multimedia and make it work.

Minimalistic design

Minimalism is gaining traction among the internet users because of its simplicity and ease of use. Top notch web developers can come up with state of the art functionalities and still cause a major disappointment. It is because sometimes less is more. All it means is that web developers must be familiar with the minimalistic design concepts to create useful and easy-to-use websites.

There have been many instances where a redesign of sites gave way to an instant rebuke from the public because of its complexities in spite of all the improved facilities. The debacle of snapchat redesign is a case in point. This is precisely what happens when web developers with no background in designing go in over their head. When it comes down to it, the public gives the ultimate verdict and the whole coterie of web developers or designers in the web app development service can only heed their demand.

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