Believe it or not, the world around us is actually going mobile. There has been a revolution as far as communication, infotainment, edutainment, and professional functions in using mobile devices are concerned. Mobile technology and mobile devices have swiped the modern world in moving the way businesses function. Surveys show that the figures of people using desktops or laptops are way less than the ones using their androids and smartphones. The trends are a quick indication of how necessary it has become for the businesses to go mobile and understand this user technology.

Those days when office job used to be limited to 9-5 are fast fading away. Employees now are required to stay on their jobs while they are on the move. Mobility of the offices is no longer an agenda to be discussed in meetings on boardrooms but central requirements. Figures predict there would be 2.5+ billion smartphone users by 2019. Hence, the need to integrate mobility solutions for enterprises must be in.

If you are still pondering over the question why your business should go mobile, here are some benefits of enterprise mobility solutions:

  1. Efficiency in data collection

Collecting data is one extremely vital element for any business, irrespective of its type. This data could come in different types like; reports, work status, excel sheets, portfolios, meeting agendas, and so forth. Using mobility solutions, one could extract these data at any given time, which in turn betters the efficiency of the business.

  1. Superb flexibility

Giving access to certain critical systems like EPM, SAP, etc. in the mobile portfolio would help in extending the business reach and also give visibility to the company. As all the data are now saved on cloud and employees can access them at any point in time, thanks to mobility solutions, employees can now work on the data at any time and from any place they want.

  1. Increases efficiency and speed of operations

The flexibility provided mobile smartphones does help in increasing the operational efficiency and speed. As the current mode of working is using mobile phones, something which is always accessible by the employee, it reduces the hassles of searching for desktop or a system whenever work needs to be done. This speed up the process of work and the staffs are at an advantage of accessing any device to access information.

  1. Aced up reporting

Integrating the mobile solutions or even a mobile platform for projects within a business process enables faster employee response on the projects they are working. In addition, management has an agile system to review the reports using the mobile devices at any point in time. Thus removing the chaff of slower reporting due to system inaccessibility after office hours, mobile solutions does provide an aced up reporting time.

  1. Spruced up productivity due to faster connectivity

Superb connectivity is one of the ace benefits that mobility has to offer. It increases employee productivity as they are connected with each other at all times from anywhere across the world. This way employee productivity is enhanced and so is the connectivity within the team and outside. We are all aware that faster and better connectivity is the breakthrough in running a better organization.

  1. Improved collaboration

Whenever there is team working on projects together, people within the team is required to collaborate all the time, at times in odd hours, especially as the deadline approaches. Mobility enables easier updating of work in progress and help employeesremain updated.

For instance, creating whatsapp groups and uploading data in the group has been a common and extremely useful feature recently. It is rather easy to share updates and data using whatsapp or other features on mobile devices. This does enable better collaboration among the employees.

  1. Good impression

Laced up with the latest technology does help in creating that face lift for the company. Clients looking to work with a firm do look for hi-end look and infrastructure. Having mobile solutions compatibility does help in improving the brand image.

Believe it or not, but clients do tend to go for firms that are laced with the latest and best of technology. After all if you have the nerve to equip yourself with what’s trending and user friendly in the market, it is obvious you would have the nerve to deliver what they are asking.

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