Wanna Know How to Check Free Cibil Score? Read This

Many of you will surely agree on the fact that when it comes to availing a loan or a credit card, there is one common factor that plays a key role in both. That’s Right! Would you like to guess? Well, it’s nothing but a credit/cibil score that you must have heard about before. Yes, it is one such crucial factor of your loan/credit card journey that can either make or break the situation for you. Continue Reading

How is a Home Loan Balance Transfer Beneficial for You?

When you take a home loan, you know that it is going to continue for a long long time maybe up to 30 years if you want. You are also aware that paying the EMIs is very important else your property will be sold by the lender. Thus, to avoid these unnecessary troubles, you can choose a lender which is offering a rate of interest that you can afford. Since the interest rate is the main factor in deciding the EMI, you have the choice to choose the lender according to your suitability or else there is an option to balance transfer.

A balance transfer facility is available in order to help you shift your loan to the lender which is offering a lower rate of interest as compared to the existing one. There are minimal charges on the transfer facility so that you can focus the difference between the rates. Below are the top banks offering lowest home loan rate where you can transfer your home loan.

Home loan rates at SBI

 At SBI, the interest rates on housing loans are available at the starting rate 8.30% per annum for women applicants and 8.35% per annum for other applicants. The maximum interest rate on the loan if 8.60% per annum which is also within the budget of the mass.

Home loan rates at HDFC Ltd

 The home loan is disbursed at the present rate of interest starting from 8.35% per annum and goes up to 8.95% per annum.

Home loan rates at LIC Housing Finance

The interest rate on a housing loan for variable loan amounts is mentioned below:

  • Up to ₹1 lakh to 35 lakhs- 8.35% p.a. (for women) and 8.40% p.a. (for others)
  • From ₹30 lakhs and ₹2 crores – 8.50% p.a. (for all)
  • From ₹2 crore to ₹5 crores- 8.70% p.a. (for all)

Home loan rates at Axis Bank

 The home loan rate at Axis Bank is presently at 8.35% per annum onwards. The processing fee applicable to home loans is up to 1% of the loan amount plus applicable taxes that is GST.

Home loan rates at Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda is among the top banks when it comes to home loans as the rates offered are very low and one of the lowest rates available in the market. The interest rate on home loans starts from 8.30% per annum and goes up to 9.30% per annum.

What is the home loan rate at IDFC Bank?

The rates applicable on home loans is floating. The rate is spread over 6 Month Year MCLR which is subject to change with the loan amount. The minimum rate spread is MCLR + 0.20% which is applicable up to the loan amount of ₹30 lakhs.

How can you calculate your home loan EMI?

 The calculation of EMI on a loan is done online through a loan EMI calculator. It is the easiest tool that helps you in calculating home loan EMIs in a few minutes. This tool takes into account the basic details of your home loan which are:

  • Loan amount
  • Tenure
  • Interest rate

Suppose, your current home loan is of ₹40 lakhs with the tenure of 25 years. The rate of interest at the present lender is 9.50% p.a. The EMIs you are currently paying is as follows:

EMI: ₹34,948

Total interest outgo: ₹64,84,360

Total amount: ₹1,04,84,360

However, if you transfer your home loan to a lender which might give you the rate of 8.30 % per annum if you match the eligibility criteria, you can save a lot of money.

Here is an example for your reference:

EMI: ₹31,672

Total interest outgo: ₹ 55,01,530

Total amount: ₹95,01,530

As you can see, the total saving on the loan is ₹9,82,830 which is a big amount and can be used for many purposes such as paying home loan EMIs without any hassle or buying a brand new car or going on a trip. Thus, make sure you choose the lender the lowest rate possible as per your eligibility so that you can save your money and use it in a productive manner.

Scientific Reason For Keeping Record Of Baby Growth In Different Videos

Most parents tend to keep a video record of the pregnancy period and time of growth of the baby. This has a huge emotional importance to them and it is also a major factor related to scientific approach towards taking proper care of the baby. The videos made during this time have huge future importance when it comes to biological factors. During the different stages of pregnancy, several symptoms and complications occur which can be kept in a video for consulting for future purposes. Continue Reading

Top 5 Advantages Of Giving Freebies To Customers

For you to achieve loyal customers, you need to satisfy their needs and even give more than they asked for. You need to be very giving to your customers to foster lasting relationship. Nonetheless, it all begins with unparalleled customer service and of course, freebies.

No one declines free stuffs. It will become your greatest business strategy so you should stick to it! How? Find out here top reasons why you should give freebies to your customers.

Freebies effortlessly creates a positive buzz towards your brand

The truth is, people love free stuffs. Giving out freebies allow new clients to get engage with your brand. It also adds interactive and a positive vibe against your brand. This happiness felt by your customers will then be shared to others, creating the much needed positive buzz towards your business.

Freebies encourages your customers to try out your other products

If you have a newly released product, it is important to let your customers know about it and how great it is. The most effective way to do so is to give away free items. Free product samples give your clients the chance to “test the waters”. Once they got pleased, they will surely get hooked in your products. Free items are the key tools to help diminish the hesitation of people towards your brand.

Freebies improves your relationship towards your customers

Every business has encountered that one specific time when a customer got upset at a given situation. During these times, a good customer service should take place. Resolve issues accordingly with your customers and win back their trust to your brand. You can do so by offering free items as a means of resolution to the issues you’ve encountered. If it isn’t that big fuss, they will eventually accept it right away.

Freebies creates a good image to your brand

Surely, it won’t hurt your business if you send away some of your items to your valued customers. Nonetheless, these free samples will generate a positive impact to your brand’s image and positive feedback will follow. When customers are appreciated and made special, they tend to think highly on your brand and towards your products. Getting something for free is a proven way of pleasing customers. Freebies will definitely outshine your competitors.

Freebies is your best commercial

You need to increase the publicity of your products so more people will know about it. Though there are a lot of effective ways to generate popularity among your brand, it is still the free items offered to your customers will matter most. Once the customer gets pleased by the free items, they will be interested in purchasing it later on. Moreover, freebies to your loyal customer will make them happy and will secure their loyalty in the long run.

Freebies means so much, more than you ever think of. You need to be generous in giving these free items to your customers so they will come back and buy your products in the later time.

Manchurian recipe in Hindi

Chinese food with an Indian twist

Chinese food is something which is very popular in India. This is because; in India we get an Indian-ised version of Chinese food which is full of flavour and taste.

Yes, once you come to India there will be plenty of Chinese restaurants but none of them will serve you authentic Chinese food items. They are always packed with zesty flavours and spices. Here are some popular Indian- Chinese dishes which one definitely needs to taste.

Chilli Chicken

The first one is the ever popular Chilli Chicken which can be paired with any fried rice or a plate of noodles. This can also be served as a starter in any party but that preparation should be devoid of any gravy and it is mainly known as the dry chilli chicken. Here the chicken chunks are marinated in soya sauce for an hour and then coated with some garlic, hot chilli, ginger and some spices. Then the sauté is done with some onions and more green chillies. This makes the perfect Indian version of chilli chicken. One can also make this with prawns or paneer instead of chicken.

Chicken Manchurian’

Before knowing about the Manchurian recipe in Hindi, one needs to know that this dish was first prepared in Mumbai in the year 1975. Here one needs to toss the regular ingredients like chilli, garlic, ginger and some garam masala to make a twist with the chicken chunks. You can also try this recipe with cauliflowers or fish and it tastes delicious.


Also popularly known as Chowmein in India this is also referred to as Chau-meing in China. Here some boiled noodles are topped with scrambled eggs, bell peppers and some soya sauce. In India it is mainly pan fried and a lot of chillies are added to make it spicy.

Manchow Soup

In the Indian version of this soup, one needs some soy sauce and it has to be flavoured with ginger and garlic. One can cook this with either vegetables or with meat or both. The most used ingredients are celery, carrots and scallions.

Spring Rolls

In China this is known as Chung Juan and they are actually Cantonese styled dumplings. One has to fry them till they turn golden and it has to be loaded with fresh vegetables. They are mostly served as party snacks and they are great party starters.

Szechwan Chicken

This one is perfect for those who love spice. They are fiery red preparations and the use of Szechwan sauce makes all the difference. This sauce is made with a lot of garlic, dry chillies and shallots. Now one can make chicken, fish or paneer with this sauce and pair them up with rice or noodles.


There are flattened egg noodles which are cut into strips and then they are deep fried and coated with honey. One can also sprinkle some sesame seeds and then serve it with some ice cream.

One can make all these tasty dishes at home and it will be a great treat.