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5 simple steps to get FSSAI license online

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India which is responsible for all the hygiene and safety standards. These standards laid down by FSSAI make sure that the food is safe to consume and the companies that deal with food are offering quality foods. FSSAI license is one of the most important licenses that a restaurant owner will need to ensure that his work is going smooth without any hindrances. You can get these licenses from state authority, and they are important for your company in many ways.

Not only is it important for legal aspects but also, it ensures the quality of food that is being served at your restaurant. In present world, consumers are becoming smart and are aware of their rights. They know what to look for when eating food; first is quality and second is restaurant certification. When customers see the FSSAI logo on your menu card, it will increase the credibility of your restaurant and also build customer loyalty and confidence in your brand.

Given below are the five simple steps that you need to follow to get FSSAI license online:

Step 1:

The first step is to go to their main website and look for your eligibility. The first thing that you will have to check is if you are eligible for the Central or State license. So, make sure you enter the address for each location individually and check for its eligibility. You will require a state license if your restaurant’s turnover is up to 20 crores, and in case it is higher then go for a Central License.

Step 2:

Once the page opens, you have to click on “Sign-up” for checking the eligible license. Fill this form with all the details required including contact details like phone number and a valid Email-ID. After this, come up with a unique username to register yourself and enter the password. Once you are done with filling the form, click on “Register” to complete this signing-up process.

Step 3:

Once your account is activated, you will get a message through SMS and E-mail to confirm that your sign-up was successful. An important thing to remember is that the user ID will be valid for only thirty days, so make sure you apply online within thirty days or else your user ID will be disabled. Now that you have your user ID and password, sign in to your account. Fill up the online FSSAI registration application form. Another important thing is to complete filling this application form in one sitting or else your form will go the incomplete tab.



Step 4:

Once you have filled out the form, take a print out of the application form and click on “Submit.” When you are finished with the application process, you will get a reference number; take note of that number. It will help you in tracking the progress of your licensing application.

Step 5:

The last step is to submit this print out to the State or Regional Authority along with all the necessary documents. Make sure you submit it within 15 days of filling the application form.

That’s it! These were the five simple steps that you have to follow for FSSAI licensing. The certificate fees for FSSAI is INR 100 per year, and for central license, it is INR 7500 per year. For state license, it will cost you INR 2000 per year. FSSAI licensing will help your company in expanding and standardize your restaurant’s operations. Following these simple steps, you will be able to register your company under FSSAI. This process might be time consuming for someone as some of the steps might be a bit complicated. In that case, you can hire a lawyer to efficiently apply for the license.

How to solve QuickBooks issue During Activation.

QuickBooks desktop is equipped with a number of accounting tools and features bookkeeping apparatuses which can be utilized to remain gainful in accounting.This work area bookkeeping software needs a dependable sidekick if there should arise an occurrence of any specialized error in the software.Quickbooks Desktop Support Phone Number is your best asset to beaten any specialized issue in QuickBooks Desktop.

What are the regular initiation issue in QB Desktop and how might you comprehend the issues with the assistance of our specialized specialists at QuickBooks Desktop Support Software                             .

While initiating the QuickBooks account by entering the approval code,you will get a error message like erroneous approval code or administrations are briefly inaccessible These issues can be because of various conceivable reasons.To conquer this issue ,just dial our Quickbooks customer care number to get associated with one of our specialists at Quickbooks Desktop Support Support.

Some of the troubleshooting step to fix the issue?

This issue can be fixed physically by following steps-

  • Ensure your framework date and time is right and the year is present year.
  • Expel the privilege document or reset the .ecml file.
  • Reactivate MSXML.
  • Run QBInstall apparatus .
  • Make another Window chairman

How to solve Quickbooks error.

We realize that QuickBooks is a genuinely Software to utilize and experiencing issue while utilizing this product is very common. All you need is a profoundly dependable client support Software for any specialized help with QuickBooks.Dial Quickbooks Payroll Support Number to get associated with our specialized specialists.We guarantee you to give the value of each penny at the most pocket benevolent market price.

Why Choose QuickBooks Desktop Customer Care Phone Number.

  • Record and charging support for QuickBooks work area.
  • Download and register help with QuickBooks work area.
  • Dial QuickBooks work area client administration telephone number 2019 for establishment help.
  • Get QuickBooks work area help with reports and error.
  • Reach QuickBooks work area error support.

What are the uses of QuickBooks Professional Services

A group of prepared programming specialists is accessible to offer your quality expert administrations with the goal that you can get the best out of QuickBooks. You can call the QuickBooks client number and contact these specialists to elucidate any uncertainty identified with the bookkeeping programming.

QuickBooks utilizes a few complex calculations to run the software.Sometimes there are some specialized issues identified with the product that keep you from utilizing QuickBooks. That is the reason the QB specialized help group constantly prepared to give you brisk reaction to any specialized mistake you may experiences while utilizing the product

How to get Remote Support for Quickbooks

With regards to business and bookkeeping, for some, individuals time is cash. That is the reason the QuickBooks specialized help helpline is accessible 24 hours per day to give all of you the help you need paying little mind to what time it is.

The QuickBooks bookkeeping programming is planned so that it tends to be utilized by anybody regardless of whether they don’t have an inside and out comprehension of programming and applications. Anyway on the grounds that you may not see much about application and programming designing does not mean your business should endure a shot

Regardless of whether you do experience mistakes while utilizing QB a group of Intuit Pro consultants will dependably be there to manage you and help you settle those error with the goal that your business isn’t influenced. These Pro consultants have long periods of involvement in the field of accounting and accounts and can handle any issue you may toss their direction.

what reason do clients require a QuickBooks Contact Number

QuickBooks clients play out an assortment of bookkeeping undertakings utilizing the product. Subsequently, even a little specialized mistake or programming error can disturb their work and influence the business. In Quickbooks Support cases if not tended to appropriately these error may even prompt a huge misfortune in income. So as to keep away from this and to spare profitable time, you should call the QuickBooks client Support number at whatever point you are looked with issues you don’t get it. You will find that product specialists are accessible nonstop to give you the best arrangement regardless of how complex the issue


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A higher level of productivity with our day-to-day tasks is everyone’s objective. However, even if a person is extremely eager to perform certain tasks, it would still be imperative to prioritize his or her health condition as well. With that, achieving fitness and maintaining it should be an additional goal. So what does fitness means? Sadly, even if being fit and healthy promises innumerable benefits among us, some are failing to obtain success while the others continuous to take its significances for granted. Continue Reading

Some Beneficial Effect Of A Cell Phone Tracking In Your Life

In today’s era, almost everyone is aware of the tern phone or a cell phone tracking, and there are many software or Apps which help you with this. Previously it was mainly used to track the location of the monitored device, but these days it helps you to track all kinds of activity such as location, Social media activity, call records, SMS tracking and many more.

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Extension of the home is one of the most common approaches, which everyone follows. But it is not possible for everyone to go for this approach. If you are planning for the extension of your home, it is important to know whether you are a candidate for the home extension or not. It is always advisable to verify the feasibility of the home extension in your property before finalizing the decision of extending the home. There are several factors that actually determine whether you are a candidate for the home extension or not. Here are certain factors that affect the candidature.

  • The need of the customer
  • Requirements of the customer
  • The budget of the customer
  • Type of construction
  • Size of the building

Though, there are several ways of knowing the eligibility criteria of the home extension but one of the best ways is to consults an industry specialist and get professional assistance from him. It is not always important to hire the consultant but you can get professional assistance from him through the online mode also. a larger bathroom and a larger kitchen etc. If any such ideas are coming to your mind, it completely means that you are expecting a home expansion plan. A house extension plan can actually transform your home completely. Always remember, a sensible design can enhance the quality of life as well as provides maximum benefits to your home.

Figure out the professionals:

The home extension is one of the most common approaches, which everyone follows. So, the professionals who are dealing in the same are also increasing. In the past several years, the number of professional home extension and other services is increasing just like anything. So, have to choose the best professional assistance and play a smart role as well. These specialists create perfect designs that match with your specified norms. The highly successful years of experience have the power to translate your ideas and demands to the beautiful and awesome designs.

  • Always choose the professional who have the license and proper registration with the authorities. In today’s competitive world, registration and licensing are one of the most important things to look while figuring out the professionals.
  • Also, check the portfolio of the company you are planning to select. Though, it is difficult to have the complete idea about the company through the portfolio but still, one can have a minor idea about the company through the portfolio.
  • You can also take the referral from the family, friends or relatives. As it is one of the most common things to do, so, it is not difficult to get the referral from the near and dear ones. If you don’t have any referral and go for Pristine buld Witney. With this, you can easily figure out professional assistance.