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The Moto X4: Why it’s Special?

Moto, or as it is called Motonow, is a company with a long and illustrious span, and it is often stated that the trend of mobile communications was Moto’s contribution to the modern world. Moto has had its share of up’s and down’s but the fact remains that they’re still going strong today despite being taken over by different regimes. Moto was acquired by Lenovo from Google a few years back, and we long feared that it would result in Motobeing bloated and its simplicity being tarnished. However, despite everything Moto has largely remained the same and that is a good relief.

In today’s smartphone market, being different is a rather difficult task. Many try to do so but ultimately fail because in essence most of them don’t necessarily take in user feedback and translate that into the final device. It is one thing being a slab of plastic that has a bloated UI, largely made to resemble the iPhones and it’s another to have an innovative design and straying far off from such nonsensical trends. And that is precisely why everyone who has ever owned a Moto device has remained loyal to the brand ever since. Also,apart from Google’s own Nexus and Pixel line-up, Moto is probably the only company that is a fan favourite among the enthusiasts and that is an incredibly tough feat to achieve.

At the end of the day, a phone that returns its investment and that can continue to receive further updates even when the parent company has stopped support, is something that people who prefer functionality over form greatly desire in a device. With that said, Moto recently announced a brand new device called the Moto x4, which will allegedly launch at the end of this year and will be positioned to be mid-range device that will allegedly replace their previous Moto Z Play device. Let’s get into what you can expect from the phone.

Design and display:

Moto has a proprietary design for every phone that they release. It’s a nice design that not only boasts of a solid construction but also a very comfortable in hand feel. Moto is probably the only company that does a bit of research on how the phone will feel in your hand and as a result their devices boast of stellar ergonomics that nobody else can match.The Moto x4 has a nice metal construction all around the body but on the downside the almost mirror finish takes in a lot of smudges as a result you’ll have to clean it quite a lot. Also it has a fingerprint sensor integrated in the front rather than the back which is definitely a plus in my books as the location in the front is more convenient to use.

Display wise it has a 5.2inch full HD 1080p display with an IPS panel. It surely isn’t a big display but for most purposes it’s more than adequate. The display is sharp with a 424 DPI and the colours are good. Although the trend in the market is shifting towards bigger displays housed in smaller bezels, Moto really hasn’t gone down that road but has instead focused on making the form more usable which isn’t a bad thing in my books.


Moto’s aren’t really the speed monsters in the market. But with their system optimisations, you hardly ever feel like you’re running out of juice even with a lot apps open. The Moto X4 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 which launched alongside the Snapdragon 660. But oddly enough Moto didn’t feel like including the 660 which has Cyro cores instead of ARM and is significantly faster being Qualcomm’s in house design. Both of them are 8 Core CPU’s with a combination of four faster cores and four slower cores to aid power optimisation.

Included on the phone is 3 or 4 Gigs of RAM depending on the model, and it will be adequate for the most part. And shouldn’t pose any lag because of its software tweaks.


On the software front, Moto has included an almost vanilla version of the Android 7.1. on the device. The stock android experience is always a nice thing to behold as it is smooth and isn’t bloated with unnecessary gimmicks that come with most phones these days. Moto has always been renowned for the optimisation in the software. It’s almost as fluid as the stock android from Google but with added nifty tweaks and enhancements which translates into a better experience overall.

Camera and Storage:

What Moto does seem to have gone down the line with is with its camera setup. Like most new phones that boast of decent camera prowess, it’s a dual camera setup. With is in essence a 12+8MP camera setup with a CMOS sensor. The camera has a significant bump protruding from the back so it doesn’t lie flat when kept on a table. The camera is capable of recording 4k @ 30fps and has a plethora of shooting modes like HDR, PDAF and so on. The front facing camera is a 16MP shooter with an LED flash. Yes that’s right, a front LED flash. It’s not a common addition and should be implemented on most phones as it makes for brighter and properly exposed front facing photos.

Storage wise, it will have 32/64 GB models and it is further expandable up to 2TB. So storage definitely isn’t a concern.

Battery and connectivity:

The phone has a non-user replicable 3000mAh Li-Ion battery which should get the job done for most. The smaller screen coupled with the power efficient CPU should see you getting through the day on a single charge.

Connectivity wise, the Moto X4 4G, 3G and 2G connectivity, but it doesn’t support Indian 4G bands at the moment. Maybe there will be another release for other markets but for now, no 4G for India. Also the phone comes with Wi-Fi 802.11, a/ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz, Bluetooth v5.0 and GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS support.

Final Thoughts:

The Moto is a device that is positioned to crater to everyone. It is an all-round package that comes with a neat near stock android UI and impressive cameras. Overall it is a very good device with a good price tag.  Moto X4 price in India is debuted to be around Rs24990 which puts it at a slightly higher price point than some tough contenders like the Mi A1, which offer similar specs and a lower price. But the Moto has its own distinguishing factor which would appeal to many also not to forget the famous third party developer support.


Online Trading

Looking for an Online Trading Account?

In the current scenario when the employment avenues are less and one has to struggle with businesses also, people look to different options for side income. The stock market can offer the best opportunity to one who knows about finance and trading as well as companies. An individual who want to earn from day trading in the market, needs to have a trading account first. He can get it opened with any broking firm, broker or even a broking company. For this one needs to submit some legal documents and get the account opened. One also needs to pay some margin money before starting the trades. On the basis of the margin only his credit line gets opened with the broker. Continue Reading

Home Insurance

Insurance Against Natural Calamities

As we see incidents happening around the world, we realize the necessity of getting insured against the natural calamities. It is not a separate product; it is included in the automobile, home, and business insurance. The prime motive behind it is to safeguard one from the monetary loss which one may need to have the property or vehicle again. Many service providers offer various policies at different rates that can help one to save from such unforeseen events.

These calamities cause heavy losses of money and property that cannot be measured but people who were cautious enough to secure against it feel somewhat better as due to the insurance one can have great relief while restoring the property.

Below are given three insurance covers that help you in such conditions:

Home insurance

Such natural calamities as storm, earthquake or flood damage the property. People take policies that secure their homes and business establishments. Basic fire insurance policy covers your house and its other contents against fire and other dangers such as storm, lightning, and floods. To cover earthquake is somewhat typical because it has an add-on cover as the premiums for it depends on the geographical zone your house is situated in.

You can opt for a house holder’s package policy (HPP). It has more options included in it. In addition to natural perils, it secures the house and its contents against damage and mechanical, burglary or electrical breakdowns. It also covers public liability, personal accidents, and workmen’s compensation

Personal accident insurance

Risk of getting injured or disabled is very high in natural disasters like an earthquake or flood. If a person is permanently or temporarily crippled in an accident, a personal accident cover offers you compensation. This policy gives you four kinds of covers: permanent disability, death permanent partial disability and temporary total disability. In case of death or permanent or partial disability, he is paid as per the prescribed amount of the sum insured. In partial disability, a portion of sum insured is paid. In case of temporary disability compensation is paid up to 104 weeks. The householder’s package policy includes the option of taking personal accident policy. Consider taking it and compare insurance features being offered.

Life insurance

Natural disasters like earthquake or floods suddenly change the financial position of your family. If you are the only breadwinner of your family and you meet such a calamity, in that case, life insurance cover ensures that your family remains safe without the shortage of money. In the lowest cover, it provides maximum but pays nothing if the person survives the term.

Points to be noted:

Protecting yourself against natural calamity is necessary. Take it but look around for better policies offered by others and note insurance compare quotes that cover your policies.

See for exclusion and inclusion sections, talk to your insurer if you desire to have some item in your exclusion list.For instance, if your car is secured against damages caused by fire, landslide and earthquake not covering flood and tsunami you will not get anything if flood or tsunami damage it.


Learning Polynomials Easily

Learning Polynomials Easily

Studying for board exams is a very stressful period, as there is a whole year of syllabus to be covered and learned properly. Many students find Mathematics hard to comprehend and learn. The many chapters in the Class 10 syllabus are crucial for building a base for understanding Maths in higher classes. There are many important chapters that are of great importance, and also have a good weight-age in the board examinations. One such chapter is Polynomials.

What is a Polynomial?

Well, to put it mathematically, a Polynomial is any expression that consists of variables and their coefficients, involving operations such as addition, subtraction multiplication and non-negative integral exponents of the variables. Polynomials are of huge importance in mathematics because these equations from the basic step of various calculations. Forming graphs of polynomials are an important practice as there are many shapes that are defined by polynomials, that is taught in higher classes. Polynomials are important in various calculations in other fields, for making the mathematics of prediction simple, polynomials are an important topic to cover in the basics.

How to Learn and Understand?

For a good understanding of the chapter, the right book must be used for studying. There are various books that provide excellent content about polynomials and use examples to make it easy to be understood. In most books, it is class 10 maths chapter 1, as it is the basic chapter for application in most of mathematics.

There are many books that are very helpful for practice, due to their exercises that contain all the type of questions from each topic of polynomials. Some of those books are by authors R S Aggarwal and R D Sharma, two of the most popular books for practice of Mathematics in class 10. These provide a comprehensive examples and a lot of questions to exercise with increasing levels of difficulty.

The basic of learning and properly understanding anything, especially in Mathematics is to know the topic and practice it to perfection.

Other steps that can be taken to increase understanding is to raise questions on various topics that one has not understood, and clarify their doubts through a teacher. Teachers are the best resource to properly understand anything in their subject as they will provide an easier explanation than books and will understand the problems faced by the individual more accurately, being a teacher.


Polynomials class 10 is an important chapter that not only takes a good weight-age in the examination but also forms the basis of various other topics in the field of mathematics. Understanding polynomials are crucial and must be done properly for understanding this chapter opens gates for many other chapters to turn out to be easy. Learning and understanding it is very important and can be done easily with a little dedication required from the student’s side. Choosing the right books for learning is very important as they are needed to understand the topic and exercise questions based on them. Other than this, clarifying doubts by the help of teachers is a good way to learn a topic and connect with a teacher.

In the end, hard work and dedication are the key.